Fun scooter baliWelcome to your next ride! Whether you are looking for a bike to hit the trails or a motorcycle to cruise the open roads, we have a bike for you.

My name is Rowan, and welcome to Radical Electric Bikes. Here you will find the best electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles, gear and apparel. As my daily commuter, I enjoy all my trips without worrying about a gas bill, parking or insurance fees.

I strive for a healthy lifestyle revolving around natural medicine, plant based foods, meditation, and love going on adventures with my girlfriend, friends and family whenever we have the chance to get outside.

Electric vehicles are on the rise. Every day people are making the switch from combustion engines to highly efficient electric motors. If you care about the environment, looking for practicality or just having a blast, you have come to the right place.

As traditional modes of transportation increase in price, electric vehicles are paving the path for affordable commuting and fun! Looking for your first electric bike? Look no further!


Freedom on Two Wheels!

One year ago my girlfriend and I traveled to South East Asia. When we arrived in Phucket, our adventures got an extra touch of excitement. This was my first time trying a motorized bike and oddly enough, I instantly got the hang of it and was hooked! Like learning how to ride a bicycle, you will never forget it.

We felt the freedom of cruising down the beautiful seawalls at Kata beach to get some breakfast. Zipping through the alleys and crannies to find the coolest little food carts and restaurants that we wouldn’t have seen if we were boxed into another vehicle.

We traveled up and down the coast, to then continue for Indonesia. Every hostel we went to had bike rentals so you guessed it, we ripped around town! As the time to return home came closer, the realization of my new passion turned me to the next thing – Electric Bikes!


Bali bridge adventure


Once back in Canada, the facts started to hit me hard. The cost of gas, insurance, and parking crept up in the coming weeks. Seeing how much money I could be saving, I bought my first electric motorcycle. Even though I have a driver’s license, this awesome bike did not require one since it legally is a bicycle. Which means no parking fees, insurance, or gas bill.

I saw how this can work for everyone. My new hobby grew into a passion for clean energy and an experience that all can enjoy.


The Future is Here!

As we continue to reach our climate goals, a great way to make a change is using less fossil fuels. But instead of just taking the bus, take an electric bike and enjoy the fresh air instead of an overcrowded tin can that can be late and affect your day.


Red vs Blue


Here at Radical Electric bikes we believe in supporting these goals that are towards the vision of a clean and bright tomorrow. The batteries in these bikes are completely recyclable and highly efficient, making replacement easy and less time-consuming than rebuilding a traditional combustion engine.

All content on this site is focused on quality and practicality. I regularly update and share new ideas and approaches to how you can save money and get into an active lifestyle. Pedal assist, scooter or motorcycle, there are lots for everyone.


The Most Efficient and Affordable mode of Transport

Looking for an affordable electric vehicle can be tricky, but with guidance and experience on the road, we can help find the right bike for you. Have a hard time getting up those hills? An electric boost should do the job. As you get used to commuting your endurance will improve, you will feel more energetic, build up motivation and connect with the active community.

Whether you want to find clean transportation, a bike that can assist you in reaching your fitness goals, or for impressing your friends and family, look no further!

If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will be in contact with you shortly. Welcome to the Radical Lifestyle of Electric Bikes!

Rowan McLeod / Owner of Radical Electric Bikes.


Motorcycle waterfall park

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Rowan McLeod

Rowan founded Radical Electric Bikes in January of 2019 to guide fellow E-Bike riders, Scooter & Motorcycle enthusiasts.

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    Very informative. I know very little about bikes. I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t know before. I think as caretakers we need to pay more attention and take better care of our world. The fact that electric bikes and cars help in this area makes me take more of an interest. Thank you for your input.

    • Rowan


      Not only it can replace a carbon emission vehicle when the weather permits but the affordability is incomparable. I recommend you look at my other pages to get an even better understanding of how these electric bike systems work and how to find the right one for you. For the price, green method of travel that can change the world, and fun!

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    About how far can one of these bikes go without a recharge. I know speed is not much of a factor in Asia, in America it will be needed that it will go at least 50 mph. What is the top speed.

    • Reply

      It depends on the size of battery and weight of the rider with the bike. If you are looking into a bike that needs to go 50+ mph I would recommend researching a brand called zero motorcycles. Those bikes require a motorcycle licence to ride unlike weaker or less powerful e bikes. For example the Zero S model can get up to 350 miles in the city, and 175 miles on the highway. This is with the extra pack and upgraded battery size by the way, so this gives it more range. All on its own it gets about 89 miles in the city and 45 miles on the highway with no added power features. This should give you an image of what a more powerful electric motorcycle can put out.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      – Rowan

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