SIdekick Trail V2Manufacture: Alter Ego Electric Bikes

Model: Sidekick Trail V2

Type: Folding E-Bike

Price: $1699



  • Review Video
  • Alter Ego Bikes Have Made Folding E-Bikes since 2014.
  • iFOLD 3-Point Frame
  • Quick Release Connectors for Easy Replacement of Parts
  • JAK 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Aluminum Alloy Sport Rims
  • MXUS 500W Continuous Output Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • Samsung 48V 10.5 Ah Lithium Seat Post Battery
  • Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Derailleur & Rapid Fire Shifter
  • Full Lights & Accessories Kits Available
  • Specs
  • Conclusion


Review Video


Alter Ego Bikes Have Made Folding E-Bikes since 2014.

Making Folding E-Bikes since 2014, Alter Ego Bikes provides their test rides of all their bikes at their newest showroom in Abbostford BC @ 30721 Simpson Road Unit 301C in the Airport Executive Park. The Sidekick Trail V2 is the newest version of the Sidekick Series which are folding bikes that are both powerful and affordable! Made for people & students living in a smaller or shared space like an Apartment, Condo, Camper / RV or transporting it by car


iFOLD 3-Point Frame

The 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame is the same as the Fat, making the total offset / difference of 4 lbs between the two. The bike comes ready to go out of the box with slight tuning of the brakes, handlebar and seat height to make optimal for all users. The Trail V2 is equipped with Promax extra wide Aluminum Handlebars and are adjustable for riders between 5’3 and 6’3. The bike has a total weight of 20 kg / 44 lbs and can handle riders up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. The KNUS seat is comfortable adjustable by twisting the pressure lock to pull up or down for setting to your required height. There is also two screw points for attaching a waterbottle holder or bike lock.


Quick Release Connectors for Easy Replacement of Parts

In my last review covering the Fat, the USB Charging Port was not mounted in the correct position. However, this was not the case on the Trail V2 as I observed the controls which was a pleasant sight. Phones and speakers or any other USB chargeable device can hang comfortably beside the port for easy access of speaker buttons, phone mount location and extra lights.

I got to speak with Kyle quite a bit to learn more about the connectors and ease of parts replacement when required. The Kunteng Sine Wave 20A FOC Controller, Display, Throttle and other wires can all be easily swapped out thanks to the well-designed quick release connectors on the bike. No need to go into a shop to pay extra for labor of installing such parts. You can get them yourself and easily replace them with little experience or none at all with E-Bikes.


JAK 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes

Like the NUTT brakes on the Sidekick Fat, these JAK front and rear brakes are just as good performers! I felt comfortable engaging the larger fixed levers which gave me more control over taking turns and using them at the same time. I will later describe the experience of how awesome the throttle was but here I will say the brakes could stand up to the speed and my weight moving with the bike nice and smoothly with little squeaking probably due to the fact that it was fresh out of the box

JAK Mechanical Disk Brakes


Aluminum Alloy Sport Rims

The Trail V2 uses the same Alloy Sport Rim type as the fat but has 6 instead of 5 arms. I felt this handled the weight and making drops onto the ground more evenly and also looks a bit cooler. With the electric blue paint job I stood back to look at the bike and I noticed it is a particularly nicer looking fold up type compared to many others in its price range. I don’t usually rave over looks too much on bikes like these which are usually made for more practical use and transport but this one has an edge when it comes to an appealing style in all its available colors (White, Red, Blue and Black).

CST Operative All Terrain Tires make a nice cross between a trail & off-road tire with one that can also grip the road tightly in the city and on harder surfaces. Being 2″ smaller than the Fat made the handling feel not too different, they are puncture resistant so you can handle rougher terrain like rocks and road debris. Asides from the MOZO M120 Front Suspension which did make going over bumps and curbs comfortable and also has hydraulic lockout when not needing the suspension.


MXUS 500W Continuous Output Brushless Rear Hub Motor

I had a nostalgic reminder of my experience on the other model when testing the MXUS 500W Rear Hub Motor. So much torque (75 NM) made clearing hills and passing by slower riders an easy feat. With less drag from the smaller tires I could hear the motor better and how truly quiet is can be on the lower PAS settings.

I was really enjoying the 2- 4th gears on the 5th PAS setting making a good combination of pedaling and assist power. Engaging the Throttle was of course one of my favorite features which is placed on the left side of the handle bar with the Kunteng LCD display for easy operation of the buttons & PAS settings between levels 1 – 5. When I went ripping up the hill on Robson Street it proved itself as it carried me up effortlessly and this was after putting on almost 30 kms of range on the higher settings earlier before the review. And transitioning from pedaling to the throttle was very smooth and had no drag whatsoever.

MXUS 500W Motor


Samsung 48V 10.5 Ah Lithium Seat Post Battery

The sleek design of the Trail V2 houses an awesome Samsung 48V Lithium battery in the seat post. Can be easily taken out with you indoors after you locked up the bike or you can fold it up and roll into small spaces. Some folding E-bikes have their battery in a bad location like right beside the folding point on the frame making it harder to access the switch making it fold in half.

This battery will propel you up to a range of 50 kms while mindfully using the PAS levels on the lower ones and pedaling more can make your use of each charge more extended over many days when doing shorter trips. If you find yourself draining the battery more because you like the throttle feature, get the 3 amp Rapid Charger with cooling fan which will charge you up in 2 hours rather than 4 – 6 hours with the regular 2 amp chargers depending on the depth of discharge during your last ride.


Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Derailleur & Rapid Fire Shifter

Another familiar feature on the Trail V2 is the Shimano 7 Speed Derailleur & Rapid Fire Shifter. Shifting up and down is very smooth and works nicely with the rear hub motor. I enjoyed listening to the chain shift with the sensor and was surprised by how powerful the combinations would be on the higher settings even though I thought I was ready for it. I’m glad that they kept so many parts (Almost everything) the same as their other bikes with simple to replace parts so that the riders themselves can learn and gain knowledge of how their bike works, which could be handy in a situation where there are no mechanics around but you have the parts to do the job.

Rapid Fire Shifter


Full Lights & Accessories Kits Available

A full line of lights and other accessories to make your bike truly tuned to your preferences are available. I highly recommend getting both the lights and electric horn to increase your visibility & presence on the road, even for daytime use since we know how so many drivers and other cyclists out there need some help to wake up and be in the present.

For bike couriers I recommend the racks for using them as a platform when you are interacting with restaurants and customers. Another note about the Sidekick trail V2 is that it is perfect to fit onto an elevator so you don’t ever have to place your bike outside whether you are returning from a Skip or Uber run or a day out at the park with friends and family.


⭐ Specifications ⭐

iFOLD 3 Folding System (Folds in less than 10 sec)
Aviation Grade 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Adjustable handlebars for any rider height
Premium Matte Paint Finish (Black, Red)

48V MXUS 900W Peak Output
500W Continuous Brushless Geared Rear Hub
Max Speed: 32km/h (legal limit) @75Nm. Torque

Patented Hidden Seat Post Samsung 10.5Ah | Up to 50km Range*
iBMS (Intelligent Battery Management System)


54V 2 Amp Smart Charger | 5.5 Hour Charging
Optional 3 Amp Upgrade | 3.5 Hour Charging

Multi-Level Intelligent Pedal Assist (iPAS)

Intelligent Magnetic Speed Sensor
Cruise Control
0-5 Level

Responsive Thumb Throttle
No need to pedal when using Throttle

Kunteng LCD Display Panel
Trip Meter
USB Charging Port (2020 Model)

Kunteng Sine Wave 20A FOC

Shimano Tourney 7-Speeds
Shimano Rapid Fire Shifter
Shimano 14-28T Flywheel

FRONT: JAK 160mm Mechanical Disc
REAR: JAK 160mm Mechanical Disc

Promax Aluminum Alloy (Extra Wide)
Adjustable to accommodate any rider height

Welgo Foldable



Approx. 20kg or 44 lbs.

300 lbs

CST Operative All Terrain
Size: 20″ x 2.40″ SLIM-FAT
Puncture Resistant

Alloy Sport Rims (Spokeless)
No Maintenance Required.

63″ x 23.6″ x 44″

32.6″ x 18.1″ x 27.5″

64″L x 11″W x 27″T


Final Thoughts

It was a pleasure to ride & review the Sidekick Trail V2 on such a nice day! The road conditions were perfect for testing the bike in all kinds of terrain and had many people ask questions along the way which I was happy to answer. The tires handled a bit differently compared to the 4.0″ fat tires on Alter Ego Bike’s other model but they handled mud and grassy / muddy environments with no issues as long as you go at the right speed and brake smoothly around the turns.

The Motor pulled hard when using the Throttle and PAS settings on both level ground and also up hills. Braking was smooth and could take a slam when sudden stopping is required to evade a crappy scenario like a pole or other road users that aren’t paying attention to the present moment. This bike will get you around efficiently in the city and out into the heart of the parks trails like Pacific Spirit Park or Stanely Park where we did the review today!

I recommend you call or email Kyle at Alter Ego Bikes to book a test ride to try the Sidekick trail V2 yourself! In person, it is easier to see how accessories and getting familiar with the controls are and then trying it out afterwards completes a great experience for those looking for their first E-Bike or adding to their collection of wheels with lightning. This bike can also be purchased with all the accessories you like online by following this link to the Sidekick Trail V2’s page.

What do you think of the Trail V2? Leave your questions, requests and comments in the section below. You can also leave one directly on the YouTube video here!

Alter Ego Bikes Trail V2


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Highly Transportable.
  • Folds in 10 seconds or less.
  • Flexible & Powerful Design.


  • Not as good for handling muddy & gravel / dry types of environments.
  • All accessories are sold separately.

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    Great review Rowan. This Ebike looks really cool. My friend has just bought the Santa Cruz Ebike and its a beast. This bike looks really cool. To be honest it seems a pretty good price for the spec as well?

    • Reply

      Hi Russ! Yes for the price the V2 is an awesome platform for building into your own unique style for daily needs or hitting up the trails while camping or around other natural parks & locations.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  2. Henry Sanchez


    Hi, I like the review of the Sidekick Trail V2 I am interested in purchasing the Sidekick Trail V2 is it still available? Thanks Henry Sanchez

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