Manufacture: Alter Ego Electric BikesSidekick Fat Folding E-Bike

Model: Sidekick Fat

Type: Fat Tire Folding E-Bike

Price: $1699




  • Review Video
  • High Quality & Affordable Electric Bikes
  • Robust Aluminum Frame
  • Solid Locks on Folding Locations for Less Vibration & Movement
  • NUTT 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Alloy Sport Rims.
  • MXUS 500W Rear Hub Motor
  • Samsung 48V 10.5 Ah Lithium Seat Post Battery
  • Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Derailleur & Rapid Fire Shifter
  • Front & Rear Lights
  • Specs
  • Conclusion


Review Video


High Quality & Affordable Electric Bikes

Alter Ego Bikes have been in the E-Bike scene since 2015 providing Canadians with affordable and high- quality E-Bikes from Abbotsford BC with an industry leading 2-year warranty on each bike and offer free shipping anywhere in Canada. The Sidekick Fat is their folding fat tire model which is both powerful and affordable! Made for people & students living in a smaller or shared space like an apartment, condo or car.

The Sidekick can also be stored safely & securely on the road while traveling in an RV or out on a camping trip where there are light trails you would like to explore. This bike can be purchased online on Alter Ego’s website where they have 0% financing if you want to do a payment plan for $86 per month. Try this bike or other Alter Ego E-Bikes by visiting Jay @ Jo-e-cycles located on 768 Denman Street in Vancouver BC!


Robust Aluminum Frame

The 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame is the ideal choice for a folding E-Bike since it is so lightweight and strong. This keeps the price down compared to other companies that can charge up to $2000 for a bike of similar nature. The Sidekick is set with extra wide Aluminum Handlebars and are adjustable for riders between 5’3 and 6’3. The bike has a total weight of 23 kg and is capable of propelling riders up to a maximum weight of 300 lbs. The seat is also adjustable with an easy twist of the pressure lock and pull up or down to set to your required height.

Solid Locks on Folding Locations for Less Vibration & Movement

Many people do not like folding E-Bikes because they are rumored to be fragile and unsteady. I found this is to not be the case for the Sidekick Fat. When I was riding over big roots, then on and off of curbs and light drops I did not see any give in the locks holding the frame straight. Not only does the vibration not seem to be an issue, neither is folding it up! It takes about 10 seconds to fold up completely and is ready to be stored away or tucked aside for tomorrow.

ifold Aluminum Frame

NUTT 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes

As you saw in the review video, I was cut off by an ignorant rider where I had to slam on my brakes pretty hard, they held up nicely and stopped me smoothly. I had no need to say anything to the other rider because I was pretty impressed with the brakes for how strong they were, I was then able to peacefully continue my review 🙂

Hydraulic Brakes could have been put onto this bike but I think due to the rider’s center of gravity and sitting position that if you had brakes that strong you would maybe be flung over the handlebars for a nice face plant! To keep the Sidekick more affordable the mechanical disc brakes were a good option and work well for this bike.

NUTT 160mm Mechanical Disc Brakes

Alloy Sport Rims & 4.0″ Mongoose Tires

The Alloy Sport Rims have 5 arms and look pretty cool on this bike. Since you are only going so fast on these types of bikes and won’t be getting thrown through harsher trails, these are sufficient and safe to use. I do not recommend doing jumps or making large drops on this bike since there is no suspension to begin with and it is true that having more spokes gives you better weight distribution when making landing. So avoid these riding styles by treating this bike like a folding bike, it will get you around for years to come if loved and cared for!

The Mongoose 4.0″ Nylon Puncture Resistant Tires feel like riding on soft pillows while offering exceptional handling over rough terrain. When set up with the fenders, this enables you to ride all year round whether it’s rain or shine! A waterproof rating of IP65 means you can throw this bike through the dirt and mud when out camping too! When taking this out onto the grass it was super fun to breeze over dips and small ditches. The fat tires almost acted like a suspension system on their own which is perfect for a rider between 160 – 180 lbs or less.

Mongoose Nylon Tires

MXUS 500W Brushless Rear Hub Motor

I was having a blast with the MXUS 500W Rear Hub Motor! With 75 NM of torque it was like a folding slingshot on two wheels and powered up hills on every power setting 1 – 5 with ease. This bike is capable of reaching speeds up to 32 kilometers per hour and can hold that speed going up a small incline.

However it does start to slow down when going up steeper ones. I recommend pedaling up on the 5th setting when on the harder hills with the shimano rapid fire shifter on setting 1 to get yourself up without breaking a sweat. This bike is great for those who want quiet and powerful capabilities to take out into nature without being loud since the motor’s sound print is just about nil and folds quickly into the car or truck.

MXUS 500W Brushless Rear Hub Motor

Samsung 48V 10.5 Ah Lithium Seat Post Battery

Hidden into the Seat post is the Samsung 48V 10. Ah Lithium Battery. It looks inconspicuous and weighs only 2 kg for easy storage into your bag or safe keeping. I like this because it makes the bike not as identifiable as an E-Bike so this can deter thieves from being too interested.

The beauty of folding bikes is that they do not have to be left in the regular bike lockup or outside! You can fold it up and walk it into wherever you go so that it is always at your side to avoid any unnecessary loses. This battery has a maximum range of up to 50 kilometers requiring 5.5 hours to fully recharge using the 2 Amp charger, or can be charged in 3.5 hours with the 3 amp charger.

Samsung 10.5 Ah Lithium Battery

Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Derailleur & Rapid Fire Shifter

For smooth shifting with the Intelligent 5 level PAS is the Shimano Tourney 7 Speed Derailleur & Rapid Fire Shifter which can be found on many other bikes. Known for their reliable and tight pulling capabilities, this bike should feel familiar to many riders who have used this drivetrain before. It was pleasant and operated well on each PAS level as I progressed through each of the 7 speeds up hills and down straight runs where I could test it’s maximum speed. It is designed to keep you from pushing 32 kilometers per hour but this gives way when you are rolling downhill obviously.


Front & Rear Lights

Another separate addition for this E-bike are the front and rear lights for safe riding at night. The front projects a stable and strong LED beam while the rear signals to other road users behind you of your presence. I recommend investing into your safety whenever possible and starting with your lights is number one. After your helmet that is of course! It was tricky showing on camera how powerful it was in such bright daylight but it did manage to successfully pick it up.


⭐ Specifications ⭐


iFOLD 3 Folding System (Folds in less than 10 sec)
Aviation Grade 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Adjustable handlebars for any rider height
Premium Matte Paint Finish (Black, Red)


48V MXUS 900W Peak Output
500W Continuous Brushless Geared Rear Hub
Max Speed: 32km/h (legal limit)
75Nm. Torque


Samsung 10.5Ah | Up to 50km Range*
iBMS (Intelligent Battery Management System)


54V 2 Amp Smart Charger | 5.5 Hour Charging
Optional 3 Amp Upgrade | 3.5 Hour Charging

Multi-Level Intelligent Pedal Assist (iPAS)

Intelligent Magnetic Speed Sensor
Cruise Control
0-5 Level

Responsive Thumb Throttle
No need to pedal when using Throttle

Kunteng LCD Display Panel
Trip Meter
USB Charging Port (2020 Model)

SHIMANO Tourney 7-Speed
SHIMANO Rapid Fire Shifter
Shimano 14-28T Flywheel

FRONT: NUTT 160mm Mechanical Disc
REAR: NUTT 160mm Mechanical Disc

Aluminum Alloy
Extra Wide
Adjustable to accommodate any rider height

PEDALS: Foldable



Mongoose WD
All Terrain Nylon Fat Tires
Size: 20″ x 4″
Puncture Resistant

Alloy Sport Rims
No Maintenance Required.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very comfortable folding E-Bike which is prefect for those that live in the city, love to travel, go into light muck and trail riding. It feels like Swedish furniture to me when I am checking out how folding bikes work since they fold up so small compared to their original size. Students will also love this bike for the accessories you can have installed that help you carry your books after school and groceries for dinner. There were no signs of instability at the lock points when rolling over harsh and rooty terrain or anything to mention that felt wobbly in any way, which dispelled the old bias towards this bike for being a folding type!

The motor pulled hard up hills and I really enjoyed ripping it up on the throttle. I think it is a great feature to have on this bike where some people may argue that a mid drive would have been better, I was happy with it just the way it was. Affordable, powerful, and agile enough to take you into the outer neck of the woods & into nature baby What do you like about the Sidekick Fat? Do you have any Folding E-Bikes you would also like to see reviewed? Leave your questions, requests and comments in the section below or leave one directly on the YouTube video here!

Alter Ego Sidekick Fat


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Lightweight & Transportable.
  • Hidden Seat Post Battery
  • Fat Tires make it good for light off road and handles weather well.


  • Accessories not included.
  • Not made for speed.
  • No Suspension (Trail Model coming July 2020)

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