Sitting on PredatorManufacture: ARMADA

Model: Predator

Type: E-Bike / LSM (Low Speed Motorcycle)

Price: $3671.84 – $4,852.09 CAD


  • E-Bike, Electric Motorcycle? What is it?
  • Motor & Battery Options
  • Digital LCD Display, Bluetooth & Speaker
  • Hidden Storage Compartment
  • Lights & Visibility
  • Hydraulic Front & Rear Suspension + Double Disc Brakes
  • 3000W Motor w/ 72V Li-ion Battery
  • Maintenance & Check-Up
  • Specs
  • Conclusion

Video Review:


E-Bike, Electric Motorcycle – What is it?

People constantly ask me about the ARMADA Predator, almost always sounding exactly like this: “…Is this an E-Bike!? It looks like a Motorcycle!” The answer is both! It has a limited setting to 500W Output when setup as an E-Bike with Pedals going 32 km / hour on a level surface.

This would give you the most range, but it would feel a bit slower than you would expect from such a sharp looking set of wheels. The ARMADA Predator can be optionally insured as a low speed motorcycle or LSM, and is CMVSA 2(1) compliant for going at higher speeds up to 65 kph as seen in the test ride video footage above.

Predator Stanced Out


Motor & Battery Options

Governed at 500W, this provides higher range with both SLA and lithium-ion packs which may be preferable for those sticking with bike paths and neighborhood routes. For those wanting more power + torque and speed, this bike can be tuned to it’s peak output of 3000W and is a total hoot riding with the 72V 40Ah Lithium-ion battery.

My experience over 330 kms riding the Predator gave me 50 – 80 km range. This is on a flat surface and no wind, rain or stopping. Using different levels all the way from softly kissing the throttle on low, up to medium and all the way up to high, the ability to pass and make emergency maneuvers when needed makes this a big thumbs up in my books.

Predator Battery port


Digital LCD Display, Bluetooth & Speaker

Brilliant & blue as this Predator is, the LCD display shows your speed (which is not the most accurate – use a speedometer app on your phone instead!) battery level, odometer & trip timer, signal + hazard HUD and closely located to the brakes with USB charge port for phones & other devices. Built in alarm + siren is loud and clear, I was able to chirp the bike up to roughly 20 meters away. Powerful horn provides more presence on the road for clear communication with other road users.

Being heard is important when riding an electric bike or motorcycle, the Predator is no exception. I noticed the speaker sounds a bit louder depending on the track or music selected, however it is always loud enough to let other road users and pedestrians both with and without disabilities hear me coming up alongside them or behind, also gets a lot of smiles along the way 😉

Predator Dashboard

Predator Bluetooth


Hidden Storage Compartment

You would not expect it, but the Predator comes with a small storage compartment under the passenger seat for items such as the A2 Air Inflator and Trimaxx Rotor Lock, leaving just enough room for securing a phone mount nice and cozy inside. It is sealed to keep things dry and locks with the regular key. The wires for rear lights & signals share this space so I do recommend wrapping them up in some extra plastic or loose zip ties to keep items from catching onto them.

Hidden Compartment


Lights & Visibility

An aggressive & elegant stance positions the headlights to illuminate the night with low and high beam settings, plus a blinker switch for flashing quick bursts of light when at intersections for easy communication. With the brilliant blue color, all light is captured & bounced right back making it more visible at night, making it a safer ride for everyone. This bike is available in Black, White, Sky Blue, Purple Chameleon, & Red.

Front signals are smoothly built into the frame, which looks amazing and prevents any accidental catching of an edge. The rear signals are positioned outside the plate, which also shines a white light on the data displayed as an E-Bike or LSM. The brake light is bright & clearly visible during both day and night. Included on the Predator is a hazard setting for making stops in low-light areas & clearly marking your position on the road.

Predator Headlights

Predator Lights


Hydraulic Front & Rear Suspension + Double Disc Brakes

The Predator is set up with full hydraulic parts for suspension & it’s double disc brakes. After 250 km I noticed some squeaking which I temporarily fixed by braking a little harder along a level surface to work out any kinks that may have been in the fluid lines & possible debris off the rotor like dirt or other particle matter.

It will hold up 2 people bearing it’s maximum load rate of 300lbs effectively, but go slow on those bumps an adjust for making turns! This bike is not made for winter, heavy rain or doing off-road / jumps, it is a Spring & Summer road bike that I can see riding into the fall up to November with the awesome weather we have experienced so far this year!

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension


3000W Peak Output Motor + 72V 40Ah Li-ion Battery

Each time I take off on the Predator I always smile at how quick & responsive the throttle is with the motor. It took some getting used to but after 10 – 20km anyone will find that it is controllable with it’s 2 power settings as both an E-Bike or LSM. Governed at 500W when being used as an E-Bike, it honestly feels a little underwhelming on the first setting, but on the second that completely changes!

Rolling the throttle up to 3000W of power with the 72V 40Ah Li-ion pack is a pleasure and a thrill to ride! On hills up to 25 degrees with one person on the bike propels like a torpedo reaching it’s target without burning out the motor, by steadily giving more throttle bit by bit up to maximum. This also completely changes when with a passenger, I do not recommend riding up high inclines above 20 degrees with a passenger / heavy load otherwise you run the risk of motor burnout. Takes 4 – 6 hours to charge the Li-ion or 6 – 8 for the SLA / sealed lead acid versions.

Predator Speed Test

I was able to rev (or whir…?) up to 65 kms / hour during the speed test, where I felt limited by the traffic ahead – I knew that I could go a bit faster (probably 75 km / hour) but I am at the same time not only in a neighborhood, but setting the right example for riding these many who go and buy these ride irresponsibly, making the rest of the E-Bike / E-Cycle community look bad. Ride safely, and don’t be an ass. Let’s get smiles, and not fingers and fractures ladies and gentlemen!


Maintenance & Check-Up

As I took the Predator out each day I kept a close eye on any squeaking, movement or sounds. At the 200 km mark the brakes and screws do make some noise and need to be tightened, perfectly aligned with the maintenance graph as you can see below. At about 800 – 1000 kms I will further inspect these areas plus the wiring, tires and connections which to this day have been 100% functional and reliable every single ride. No signs of overheating from the motor or battery after each use or during charge cycles. The sticker on the charger does comes off a bit easily but this can be easily remedied with super glue or another bonding agent.

ARMADA Predator Service Chart



Colors: Black, White, Sky Blue, Purple Chameleon, White & Red.
Motor Power: 500W Governed High Torque / 3000W Peak Output.
Battery: 72V 32Ah SLA with charger / 72V 40Ah Lithium Ion.
Battery charging time: 6-8 hours Lead Acid / 4 – 6 hours Lithium Ion.
Battery Cycle Life: 300 – 400 SLA / 1200+ Lithium Ion.
Speed Modes: Low, medium, sport and reverse.
Max Speed: 32 – 65 km / hr w/ governor.
Max Range: Up to 20 – 40km / Lead Acid – varies with rider weight & road conditions or 40 – 80km / Lithium Ion.
Speedometer / Tripometer & Battery Gauge: Digital LED.
Brake type (Front / Rear): Double Disc / Disc.
Shock Absorber (Front / Rear): Hydraulic.
Tire Size (Front ~ Rear): Street F110/70-17 ~ R140/70-17.
Product Dimensions: 80″ × 28″× 45″
Wheelbase: 1240mm.
Max loading capacity: 300 lbs.
Climbing capacity: 25° (1 person, 70kg)
Alarm: Yes with panic button
Keys: x2 with remotes / FOBs..
Lights: Headlight w/ high-beam, front & rear turn signals & emergency flash
Horn: Yes
Pedals: Yes
Footrest for Passenger: Yes
Frame Type: High Tensile Steel
Net Weight with Battery: 300 lbs

^^ Travel range based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds & warm temp for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.

* Actual product may slightly differ from picture. Please contact us for a current picture if required.

* Prices may vary to include assembly, upgrades, accessories and/or shipping.



Overall the ARMADA Predator is fantastic – excellent handing, braking and acceleration with plenty of power for 2 people enjoying a cruise. Much lighter than a conventional motorcycle and perfect for those who cannot handle a heavier bike. Perfect for beginners with it’s low power options & also for experienced riders looking for a more powerful E-Bike or electric motorcycle.

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Standing with ARMADA Predator

ARMADA Predator 72V 500W

$3671.84 - $4,852.09 CAD

Build & Design Quality




Service & Replacement Parts



  • Super cool - This is undeniable.
  • Can carry 2 people & pace with regular traffic
  • 100% fully customizable for each rider.


  • Not good for rain or winter riding.
  • SLA version can take up to 8 hours to charge.
  • Cannot plug into stage III charging ports.... yet!

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  1. Reply

    Hey Rowan,
    great review of this phenomenal motorcycle. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard of the Armada Predator motorcycle and I don’t understand much about the technique, but you have explained the characteristics and performance of this beauty in such detail and extensively. What I especially like about this model is the color and design. It looks very nice and stable. My nephew has been asking me for a long time to buy him a motorcycle for his eighteenth birthday, but I’m a little scared because he hasn’t ridden it yet. I like this model and will consider buying it because, as you said, it is a great solution for beginners.
    It really looks powerful!
    Keep writing reviews like this and keep up an amazing work.
    All the best,

    • Reply

      HI Daniela!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the review, the Predator is a perfect beginner bike as there are no gears or clutch, simply twist the throttle and off you go!

      There a re many colors available: Black, White, Sky Blue, Purple Chameleon, White & Red 😊

      Visit the shop by clicking the hyperlink when you would like to get your son onto his first E-Bike! Free shipping is available to local Vancouver / Surrey + Tricities areas and we charge flat rates for longer distances across Canada.

      Sign up either on the homepage or when the prompt pops up for the newsletter for 15% off your first order! You will be the first to be notified when we post new products, reviews, sweet deals + discounts and more!

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes ⚡

  2. Reply

    Hi, I love these bikes; they look great, especially the blue ones. I don’t know a lot about bikes, but you have provided a great deal of information for me to make a decision. Thank you for sharing.

    • Reply

      Hi Yvonne! There is lots to learn here on the blog, from reviews to gear & adventure guides, we do it all here at RADICAL 😊

      I also mentioned to Dereck in a previous comment if you would like to learn more – Join the newsletter here in this link, then scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Enter your email and phone number to be notified first of new and previous guides to learn about batteries, motors, safe storage, maintenance tips and everything else RADICAL Electric Bikes!

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes

  3. Dereck


    Hi Rowan, this article is really informative! I didn’t know these types of bikes actually existed but it makes total sense with the advancement in electric cars. About 10 years ago I took a motorcycle safety course. I passed it but during that time I realized that riding a motorcycle wasn’t going to be for me. While it was fun to do in a controlled setting, I found myself also getting stressed out at the thought of being on the open road with others so I didn’t pursue it any further. However, this bike looks like a blast to drive around town. How long would a bike like this last for, in terms of years? I imagine with proper maintenance and care it can last a while, like any other bike, but when compared to a gas powered bike is there any difference? Keep up the great work, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    • Reply

      Hi Dereck! These bikes will always last longer if you take proper care of them – a misconception is that they are all do not require maintenance. This is not completely true. Parts such as brake lines and pads / calipers, liquids and wires over time can come loose or wear down and should be replaced according to the guides set in the manuals for each of these bikes 😄

      The lithium batteries are the best as they do at least 1200 charge cycles up to 2000, this will last years to come! Whereas the SLA or lead acid types only have 300 – 500 cycles and about 1 – 2 year lifespan depending on how heavily they are used. I recommend keeping bikes in a dry place and be stored over wintertime inside a ventilated area at room temp to protect both types of batteries during this season when not in use.

      Want to learn more? Join the newsletter here in this link, then scroll to the bottom of the homepage – enter your email and phone number to be notified of new and previous guides on safe storage, maintenance tips and everything else RADICAL Electric Bikes! ⚡

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes

  4. Gorjan


    This is probably one of the coolest-looking e-bikes I’ve seen so far. The name itself, Armada Predator, reminds me of something out of this world, and don’t even get me started on the price.

    The thing is, I’m not really sure if I want to transition to an e-bike. I don’t know why, but it’s kind of nerve-wracking to me not to hear the engine roar while riding a bike at 100miles/hour.

    I’m not sure, but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

    • Reply

      Hi Gorjan! The Predator is one of my favorites not just for looks but also simplicity and ease of entry. You get to ride an electric sport bike but without spending over $20,000 like on an Energica or Zero – which are fantastic high performance bikes! 👍

      They are more powerful and reach the speeds that you are more used to, bikes like the Predator are perfect for beginner riders as it offers all the features of a motorcycle without a clutch or gearbox and reaches speeds that qualify it as an E-Bike or low speed motorcycle / LSM. Not only for beginners, but also good for experienced riders who reasonably are not ready to drop 20 – 34k USD on a type of bike they have never tried before.

      The Predator crosses the barrier to entry, is upgradable to more powerful motors, and also higher voltage batteries + controllers.

  5. Reply

    Hi Rowan,
    I think this article is something everyone should be reading because each and everything is explained so much in detail. ARMADA predator 72V 500W is a phenomenal electric bike with so many amazing features. This is the best option if you are looking for an E-bike.

    It has an excellent battery life, hidden storage compartment, Bluetooth connectivity, hydraulic front and rear suspensions to it with an excellent light which makes this E-bike an ideal bike for buying.

    Best thing about this bike is that it has so many color variants to choose from. Overall, this bike is something everyone would love to have and I am surely going to share it with my friends and family.


  6. Daniel


    Hello ROWAN MCLEOD, very good your article, could you tell me a little about your experience with her in legal matters, as the police face, even more without a plate? I’m thinking about buying one, but I’m worried if it will have a limited use only in my neighborhood for legal reasons.

    • Reply

      Hi Daniel!

      To answer & ease your mind:

      1. This bike is qualified as an E-Bike when riding at 32 kms per hour with the 500W governed setting. Comes with it’s own plate identifying it as an E-Bike with light to show at night.

      2. Police generally do not have an issue with these bikes, it’s when you drive irresponsibly and recklessly that you could have your bike taken for the safety of others on the road. Ride safely and follow the signage on the streets as if you were driving a car or regular motorcycle.

      3. As a Low speed motorcycle, this is classified as the equivalent of a 49cc scooter – requiring only a class 5 license to ride with it’s 3000W peak power output reaching speeds of up to 60 – 90 kms per hour with a range of about 50 – 60 kms on a level surface with no wind, hills, rain, and rider weight of 165 lbs.

      4. They can be optionally insured as an LSM with it’s tax number to create a unique VIN.

      5. Avoid bike lanes and smaller corridors / narrow lanes. You won’t get any angry faces or be pulled over when you are seen riding responsibly and use a DOT helmet to show you are not fooling around. Checking mirrors and shoulder checking, stop signs and intersections, etc.

      Reply to this comment if you have any further questions, you can buy the Predator on our official online store. Choose you battery pack, gear and complete your purchase at checkout here:

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes

  7. Kai


    Hello, I’m really considering buying an Armada Predator, I was wondering if you can upgrade the bike further than 3000w so that it can go longer distances and higher speeds. Is this possible?

    Thank you

    • Reply

      Hi Kai! Yes the motor can be upgraded up to 5000W or 8000W with 40Ah lithium battery, or higher which may need to be ordered in.

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes

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