1. Brent Swain


    I bought an Armada folding bike with 20 inch wheels. Nice bike, works well, but the range is grossly over rated. Solid , but a bit on the heavy side.
    The ends on the battery are of the most brittle, fragile plastic they could have used .Despite my being very careful to not damage it, it keeps breaking up .After much epoxy and super glue , I wonder how much extra it would cost them to use ABS, or poly, which wont keep breaking. 50 cents a battery ,for an $1800 bike? Splurge ! Do it! It would sure be nice, for my next battery.

    Brent Swain

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      Hi Brent! Depending on hills, wind, rider weight & distance the performance of all E-Bikes can vary – even the Predator.

      If you use the throttle without much pedaling, the range will greatly decrease and especially on hills + if you are carrying extra bags etc. Folding bikes and other PAS bikes similar are made as an economical design to blend high torque power for hills and folding into small spaces for transport and storage. So the batteries are not as big as say the Predator for example.

      As for repairs and if your bike is still under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement battery / parts that are breaking – check your date of purchase, if it’s within the warranty period you should call Larry @ ARMADA to get sorted and you will be good to go! 👍

      Let me know if you have any other questions either here or hit me up in the live store chat @ radicalelectricbikeshop.com 😊

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes

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