Manufacture: East Van ChopcyclesEast Van Chopcycle harley

Model: Harley Davidson Edition

Type: Chopper / Cruiser

Price: $7000 (Other EVC custom builds range between $6500 – $10,000)




  • Review Video
  • Local Bike Builder Makes Custom Electric Bikes
  • High Quality Electric Cruiser Made with Love
  • OEM Harley Davidson Parts
  • Low Rider Style that Handles Bumps & Maneuvering
  • 3000W Crystalyte Motor – High Torque!
  • Grintech 72V 8Ah Battery (Range, weight of rider variables, charge time, charger details, etc)
  • Powerful Hydraulic Front Brake & Smooth Rear Coaster Brake
  • Ruffcycles 3.0″ Fat Tires
  • Headlamp & Brake Light
  • Customization & Upgradeable to Your Preferences
  • Specs
  • Final Thoughts


Review Video


Local Bike Builder Makes Custom Electric Bikes

Made here in Vancouver BC, Eli at East Van Chopcycles builds beautiful custom E-Bikes which I first encountered at the BC Bike Show back in February. There were other classic looking E-Bikes around the showroom those two days but East Van Chopcycles stood out the most! The tires were fatter than the others, frames are curvier and have to be honest here were my favorite bikes at the show. So I had to say hi to Eli and learn more about the modern electric angle on the classic style of motorcycles we all know and love.

For years Eli has been an Automotive Mechanic and enthusiast. He started building bikes from his love for awesome chariots that flex a powerfully positive & happy vibe whether on two wheels or four. Check out my interview with Eli at the BC Bike Show here and skip to 25:29!

Made for leisure, pleasure and commuting, this is a high-powered electric bike equipped with a solid steel frame made in Germany (70 lbs) and a 3000W Front Hub Motor propelled by the Grin Technologies 72V 8Ah Lithium Battery which charges in 1 – 1.5 hours on the CYCLE SATIATOR Universal Lithium / SLA charger. This E-Bike has a range of 80 – 100 kilometers with a rider weight capacity of 180 – 200 lbs, the charger is very small so you can bring it with you in a backpack for quick charging on the go.


High Quality Electric Cruiser Made with Love 

The Ruffcycles steel frame is made in Germany and is lighter than regular aluminum framed bikes. A total bike weight of only 70 lbs, it dispels the stigma about steel being too heavy. It is a good material and is much better quality for a bike of this caliber (high speeds, braking, vibration reduction, etc.) Many other bikes in this one’s price range are made with cheaper parts and lesser quality lithium batteries so they can make a big profit while providing not really ‘what is advertised”.

East Van Chopcycles works closely with their clients regarding every aspect of the bike parts and ergonomics to make sure it is perfectly built for that rider. Even though you will see the bike specs down towards the end of this review, the bike that you build may be entirely different from frame to tire.

East Van Chopcycles Harlet Davidson Edition


OEM Harley Davidson Parts

OEM Harley Davidson parts like the one sided pedals on the crank arms, skull hubcaps & tire valve covers, grips on the handlebar (22mm Chrome Plated Aluminum) decorate the bike with flavors of authenticity & care for attention to detail. Along with a classic orange high gloss paint job this was a great safety feature for the rider how it catches the eye of everyone around, so they can’t miss you or have much trouble seeing you sharing the road with cars and other cyclists.


Low Rider Style that Handles Bumps & Maneuvering

With this frame it looks a little daunting to see how low it goes to the ground. Rest assured this passed over every speed bump, small potholes, and other debris that can make other bikes which are more unstable and fragile struggle with handling. The seat has a nice pop in the springs acting like a rear suspension post like the Kinekt 2.1 Aluminum Seat Suspension post, but more built into the bike for a fashionable appearance. With the Ruff cycles 3.0″ tires, it is a very smooth cruise.


3000W Crystalyte Motor – High Torque! 

My favorite part! The 3000W Crystalyte Motor is set to impress with it’s amazing torque and speed. Most E-Bikes like this type use a 500W up to a 1000W Motor but this goes above and beyond giving you top gear climbing ability with the pedals on the 2 speed Archer drivetrain which works like an all-wheel-drive system!

This powerful motor will get riders of 160 lbs or under up to 80 kms per hour in combination with pedaling to help with acceleration. When I was testing it going uphill it pulled me up with the tire skidding out a bit from the bike’s powerful motor! So when you buy one of these, familiarize yourself with the reactivity of the throttle and how to use it with the pedal strokes.

Using a thumb throttle on the right side of the handlebars, it is very precise in adjusting while riding. I am used to a 500W E-bike so an extra 2500W of holy sh*t was a bonus that I will never forget trying for the first time. When pedaling this becomes a smooth and familiar operation requiring no familiarity with a twist throttle like on a Motorcycle or other E-Scooters. Many will like this over a twist throttle because it does strain the wrist a little bit with that type, the thumb throttle design counters this area of discomfort for those riders.

Cystalyte 3000W Mlotor


Grintech 72V 8Ah Battery

Another local company in Vancouver called Grin Technologies makes the battery for this E-bike. Specializing in the battery game since the beginning days of the first E-Bikes, they make some of the best batteries out there. The 72V is a 52 cell battery with a total range of 80 – 100 kilometers depending on the rider’s weight and how much power they drain with the powerful motor. A smaller battery simply would not suffice for the weight and speed capabilities of the Harley.

The battery takes only 1 – 1.5 hours to charge with the CYCLE SATIATOR Universal Lithium / SLA charger. This charger is small enough to fit into your backpack for traveling longer distances. Have some lunch or a tea at the cafe as you wait plugged into the outlet for your bike to be fully charged and good to go again! This bike does not use an LCD display for power and speed like most E-Bikes, so keep an eye on the battery indicator when it goes from green to red (right to left). See video review @6:26 for a better picture and example of how it looks & functions.

Grintech Battery


Powerful Regenerative Hydraulic Front Brake & Smooth Rear Coaster Brake

Set up with 203mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes on the front, the rider’s weight behind the bike’s more powerful brake provides a better catch when making a sudden stop. You can also stop quickly and safely with the rear coaster brake combined with the front for making more gradual stops. Because this bike is capable of higher speeds, mechanical disc brakes would not be sufficient or safe enough to stop you.

Using the coaster brake rolling up to a smooth stop is most recommended if you are not rolling too fast and want to make a softer landing. This braking technique is easier on the front brake as well. The regenerative disc brake also returns power to the battery as you compress the calipers at high speeds. This is best used going down hills and low to flat runs.

The TSP Forks are stable and solid when turning and with no suspension it still feels very comfortable. Since the bike is so low to the ground, so is your center of mass. Having a lower center of gravity at high speeds enables you to have more control and hug the ground more than a regular bike where you are not sitting upright very straight the whole time, you would be leaning forward.

EVC Hydraulic Brakes


Headlamp & Brake Light

For an authentic motorcycle look the EVC Harley Davidson Edition s equipped with a 300 lumen headlamp with dimming and high or low light settings. This is a great spotlight for night rides and along with that is the rear brake light which glows brightly as you compress the front calipers. An awesome feature of these lights are that they are USB chargeable and separate from the Grintech 72V battery to keep as much juice for the operation of the motor as possible giving you better range.

EVC Headlamp

East Van Chopcycle Brake Light


Ruffcycles 3.0″ Fat Tires

3.0″ Ruffcycles Fat Tires with 26″ Aluminum Rims gives a very smooth riding experience. Taking turns wide and low it handles well and is recommended to ride on sunnier days not only to keep that gloss nice and pretty but that does not mean you can’t get different tires with better tread for the rain if you must take it out in those weather conditions.

Sitting on the Brooks Saddle seat compliments each movement as you pedal. I liked the old look of the seat which matched the aesthetic of the bike. I really have a love for retro and classic styles so it this bike was destined to be loved and consistently examined like kids in a candy store. Set up with 203mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes, you can stop quickly and safely on a dime in conjunction with the rear coaster brake for making even smoother stops. The TSP Forks are stable and solid when turning and with no suspension it still feels very comfortable since the tire are so fat.

East Van Chopcycles Fat Tires


CAn be Customized & Upgraded Afterwards to Different Preferences

Since each bike is a custom build, yours may be entirely different from the Harley Davidson Edition. Unless you really love what you see in the review, you can also have other parts upgraded or downgraded for more or less power, brakes & battery choices, overall price can change, the choices are endless. There are 10 different frames to choose from to begin your project, then add as you go from there! For me, I loved the bike the way it was and have very little cons to mention which can be found at the bottom of this review (Mostly due to what it is made for versus what it is not).



  • Brand: East Van Chopcycles
  • Model: Harley Davidson Edition
  • Price $8000 – $10,000 (Each build is custom, so this is the broad $ range)
  • Style: Relaxed & Upright Warranty: 1 Year for every part on the bike
  • Frame: Ruffcycles Steel frame
  • Fork: Aluminum Chrome Plated TSP Forks
  • Handlebar: 22mm Aluminum Chrome Plated
  • Seat: Brooks Saddle Seat
  • Grips: OEM Harley Davidson Rubber Grips
  • Crank: Ruffcycles Crank & Arms
  • Pedals: OEM One-sided Motorcycle Pedals
  • Tires: Ruffcycles 26″ x 3.0″ Fat Tires
  • Rims: 26″ x 100mm Aluminum
  • Brakes: 203mm Hydraulic Disc Brake w/ rear Coaster Brake
  • Drivetrain: Archer 2 Speed
  • Lights: USB Chargeable Headlamp & Rear Brake Light (15 hour capacity)
  • Motor: Crystalyte 3000W Front Hub Motor w/ Thumb Throttle Battery: Grin Technologies 72 V 8Ah Lithium
  • Computer: Grin Technologies Phase Runner Charger: CYCLE SATIATOR Universal Lithium NIMH / SLA
  • Bike Weight: 70 lbs
  • Max Rider Weight: 200 lbs


Final Thoughts:

As I remembered it from the bike show, this was my favorite bike there for a reason. Its classy, sexy, turns heads and performs like no other what I have tried yet! I was really happy to test ride it out in the open unlike being stuck in that small runway for demoing the bikes at the show. If you like cruisers and choppers, I highly recommend this bike for its comfortable features, stability, high quality parts, and the community you become a part of after you buy the bike. Eli made it very clear that he loves what he does and when he makes a bike for a customer he goes above what you expect regarding service and guidance learning about the parts and how it is all put together.

What are your thoughts on the EVC Harley Davidson Edition? Leave your comments and questions on the YouTube video and in the comment section below this post! It was so much fun reviewing this awesome E-Bike I want to shootout to Eli for such a great time & fun memories during the test rides! Make sure to like, share and subscribe for more RADICAL Reviews, Guides and Adventures!

East Van Chopcycles Harley Davidson Edition


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Handmade to-order with warranty.
  • Long Range Capabilities.
  • High Speed E-Bike.


  • Can't handle larger bumps or curbs.
  • It's a big bike, so make space for it. This may be hard for those in a smaller or shared space.
  • Not made for handling wet and slippery conditions in rain, mud or snow

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    Good post. This looks like a great bike but out of my price range. Still, I am sure that this bike will sell well as it looks great, nice design, German built so it should last forever and the spares will be around for at least 10 years. Well done

    • admin


      Hi David! Yes these aren’t the average E-Bikes, they are all one of a kind since each bike is made to the rider’s preferences and specifications.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  2. Tom



    Great review, and great video embedded. My Dad LOVES motorcycles and I think he would be very interested in this review of the Harley Davidson.

    I have forwarded this article on to him and I have encouraged to leave a comment too. If he has any questions then he will get in touch. It is his birthday soon so I am looking for some accessories for him. Do you have any articles that I could purchase accessories from?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work on your site.

    All the best,


  3. Nataliya


    Great review, your explanations shows that you know what you are talking about. Hoping to read more of your articles.
    I know some people who will be interested in this bike, I will pass your review to them.
    Have a great day Rowan, keep up your great work.

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      Hi Natalyia! I like to provide accurate and unbias info to my viewers to help them find the perfect ebike for their daily needs and beyond!

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

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