Manufacture: EmojoEmojo Cougar

Model: Cougar

Type: Downhill Mountain Bike

Price: $1999



  • A True Trail Shredder – Thrills & Mountain ripping Fun!
  • Excellent Power and Range
  • High Torque. Hills? Whatever!
  • Waterproof, fully protected Circuitry
  • 100% Adjustable Features
  • Specs
  • Conclusion



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A True Trail Shredder -Thrills & Mountain Ripping Fun!

For more adventurous riders the downhill lifestyle is packed with adrenaline and carving tight corners into the dirt. Great for those that live in the forest or close to nature, downhill bikes like the Emojo Cougar make your favorite trail into an even more fun experience than it was before.

Made to be much more sturdy than a regular road bike, the Cougar is set up with hydraulic Tektro front and rear disc brakes for minimal hand & finger power to engage, Suntour front shocks (with DNM rear suspension), and solid 27.5′ x 2.1′ tires makes both an excellent trail and road runner all year round.


Emojo Cougar motor and brakes

Rear Hub Motor.

Excellent Power & Range

Many bikes use the 6061 Aluminum alloy for a lightweight and sturdy frame. The Cougar is no exception for the proven reliability of this alloy type. For maximum assistance a 27 speed Shimano Tourney system with 500W DC brushless motor  gives you proper chain response and crank feedback.

Some trails are more advanced that others with steeper inclines which can feel like hiking up a mountain for some riders not as experienced as others. The Cougar will do it all for you with the throttle or pedal assist settings.

Emojo Cougar 27 speed

Crank / Gear selector.


High Torque. Hills? Whatever!

Blaze through the day and back with a high capacity 48V 10.4ah Lithium Ion battery that delivers up to 30 miles or 48 kilometers! Not too many bikes at this price-point have such range, usually being 20 – 25 miles or 32 – 40 kilometers. There are three levels of Pedal assist on the Cougar: economy, normal and full power.

Range will vary depending on the level of assist being used but when pulling back the full throttle you can reach a full speed of 25 miles or 40 kilometers per hour. There is security in knowing you have longer range, so you won’t have to worry about getting from point A to point B. Only 4 – 6 hours charge time is required for anyone on the 9 – 5 track or traveling abroad.

48 volt Lithium battery

Waterproof, fully protected Components

Being confident in wet situations and mud gives the rider back the ability to live in the moment A fully sealed housing for the battery compartment, frame is naturally rustproof being 6061 Aluminum.

Lithium ion batteries are maintenance free making the mix an even better one for those who want maximum performance. It is always recommended to clean your bike after a dirt or mud trail with a quick water wash. A little bit of love goes a long way for anything right? This bike is also equipped with very easy to read LCD screen that displays power, odometer, remaining range, and PAS setting. An unusual feature on the Cougar is the USB port for charging your smartphone, or a speaker that needs to be juiced up to crank out some beats!


Cougar LCD display

LCD Display shows range, speed, PAS level, and Odometer.

100% Adjustable Features

The amount of adjustable options such as the rear pivot linkage system, rear DNM air suspension and front shocks makes a perfectly workable bike for all riders that are at least 5’7. The 27-inch rims can sometimes be too much for some riders but with all the torque under your feet there is no need to fret on unnecessary anxieties. Some terrain is more dense than others and vice versa, a true downhill bike needs to be able to adapt the suspension level to the riders precise needs.


Specs:Emojo Cougar Specs

  • 500W DC Brushlesss motor.
  • 48v 10.4ah Lithium Battery.
  • Maximum range of 30 miles or 48 kilometers.
  • Max speed of 25 miles per hour or 40 kilometers per hour.
  • Charging time of 4 – 6 hours.
  • USB Charging port.
  • Adjustable rear DNM Air Shock.
  • Adjustable front Shocks.
  • Dimensions: 78′ long x 25′ wide x 43′ height.
  • 6061 Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Maximum rider weight of 330lbs.
  • Bike weight is 59 lbs.


An incredible option for a heart that loves the outdoors and fresh air. Emojo paid some close attention to the needs of a more serious adventurer in mind. The Cougar isn’t just for the advanced, a perfectly balanced combination of features compliments any rider preference and can handle bad weather conditions all times of the year.

The sealed battery compartment and the charging port are highly recommended for long range trips and commutes. Great for camping and exploring remote areas. Powerful, sturdy and agile, it is certain that the Emojo Cougar is a high quality, and fully loaded electric downhill bike. Make sure to leave a comment below if you have a question, or would like to share your experience with the Emojo Cougar!

Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain Bike


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Dual Suspension.
  • 27-speed Drivetrain.
  • Performs well on trails and off-road..


  • Pretty heavy for a trail bike (59 lbs).
  • Not for hardcore downhill riders, there are much better options out there.
  • MId-Drive Motor would have been better since it's a trail / downhill styled E-Bike.

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Cole McLeod


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    Thanks for your nice review with cougar! Do you please make a post about- how to choose the best BMX bike for a beginner rider?

  2. Vic Enright


    I have the cougar 500 and the display got busted and I can’t seem to replace it. So I give this brand 1 star for failing to provide replacement parts

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