Manufacture: Fifield

Model: Rogue Wave

Type: Fat Tire Trail & Road Bike

Price: $2299


  • PAS Only for Maximum Assistance and Performance
  • Strong Aluminum Frame with large 4′ Tires
  • Full Safety Features
  • Powerful 48V Lithium Battery
  • 750W Bafang MAX Mid-Drive Motor
  • Shimano 9 speed Alivio External Gears
  • Specs
  • Conclusion




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PAS Only for Maximum Assistance and Performance

Here we have the Fifield Rogue Wave – A very well constructed and hearty trail type that also excels on the road to work or across town. This ebike was designed with no throttle and PAS only. If you are looking for a beginner to intermediate bike with a throttle, check out the Emojo Cougar here. Some like a throttle option, but bikes like the Rogue Wave have an advantage which is the consistency of your range and performance being set on PAS modes only. Read more below by scrolling down to “750W Bafang MAX Mid-Drive Motor” for full details on power output and speed.


Strong Aluminum Frame with large 4′ Tires

This is a heftier bike weighing in at 55 lbs, with no suspension on the front or rear. The Rogue Wave can handle the trails and rougher terrain but we do not recommend to regularly ride as a mountain bike with suspension. It is capable of hopping on and off obstacles low to the ground like low hops and curbs. The Promax Aluminum Handlebars are comfortable and have a 31.8mm rise. Large 4′ reflective CST Tires make for a comfortable ride in the bushes or for commuting purposes. With such a strong frame and tire setup, the Rogue Wave can handle a max rider weight of 300 lbs and is great for hooking up large bags and hauling accessories like bike trailers through all terrain like rocks and loose ground with ease.


Full Safety Features

Safety features of this bike match the output and weight of the Rogue Wave – with Tektro front and rear Disc Brakes for responsive and consistent stopping power. Disc brakes are known for their grip and reliability, regardless of rain, dirt, cold or hot temperatures. An extra feature of the Rogue Wave mentioned earlier are the reflective CST Tires for added visibility in dark environments.

Riding back home late? Shine your way there with the included headlight and be visible to others with the rear light. Some see a bell as not “cool” but for signaling to those who are not aware of your presence due to the very silent motor, it is a safety feature that comes in handy more often than one may think. Even in broad daylight, we strangely have to help out pedestrians who are looking down at their phones when they are crossing the streets we have to share and also intersections. That also goes for drivers texting or operating an electronic device and driving. This proves to be perfect for urban and busy environments.


Fifield Rogue

Solid and well rounded frame with large CST tires.


Powerful 48V Lithium Battery

Check out the Greenway 48V 14.5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery – Greenway has been in the battery industry since 2006, specialized in batteries for many products across many devices like phones, laptops, power tools, power banks, scooters, and ebikes! A handy USB port for your device like a Bluetooth speaker or phone backs you and your day up with tunes and letting you friend know you are en route!

It takes up to 4 – 6 hours to charge or less depending on if you have fully used the battery charge or not. It would be 1 – 2 hours if only half of the charge is used thanks to the Rogue Wave being a Pedal Assist only type. Like all bikes that are regularly used for going up hills and inclines, the range of the Rogue Wave will vary from 30 to 40 miles or 48 to 64 kilometers. For extending range on any bike, make sure to roll down hills and handle your route with care. Ease on the pedaling or just turn it off for extended flat surfaces then switch back on when you encounter that big hill for a powerful energetic boost which backed by the 750W Bafang MAX Mid-Drive Motor.


750W Bafang MAX Mid-Drive Motor

Fun, reliable, and responsive mid-drive 750W Bafang MAX Mid-Drive Motor is the beast beneath your feet! I am used to a 500W type myself, but a 750 Watt is icing on the cake. For so much power, the Bafang is silent and impressively smooth. Good thing the Rogue Wave comes with that bell so you can let others know you are rolling up alongside them! The maximum speed of this powerhouse goes up to 20 miles or 32 kilometers per hour. Remember this is a Pedal Assist only type, so trading speed for efficiency, range and consistency for all day riding is an advantage of this bike as opposed to ones with a twist or thumb throttle which would have a wider variable range factor depending on how much you open the throttle.


Shimano Alivio 9 Speed External Gearing

One attribute of the strong silence and smoothness of operation is the Shimano 9 Speed Alivio External Gearing. A low profile design, made for more aggressive touring on the trails, beaches and rough conditions of back roads with roots and crannies. Flexibility and toughness are delivered and gives the rider a smooth shifting experience. For riders who need extra assistance regardless of hills or not, the Rogue is the perfect option. Bikes with rear hub motors are not as responsive as mid-drive types, the Rogue Wave offers both the powerful mid-drive motor with an optimal shifting package for getting started. Show up to work with no sweat and take on your day!


The large CST tires roll over snow, uneven and wet surfaces with smooth yet tight traction.



  • 750W Bafang MAX Mid-drive motor
  • Greenway 48V 14.5Ah Lithium Ion with USB port
  • Max Speed of 20 miles or 32 kilometers per hour
  • Max Range of 30 – 40 miles or 48 – 64 kilometers.
  • Pedal Assist Only
  • Weighs 55 pounds
  • 26” x 480mm Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Shimano 9 Speed Alivio External Gears with Alivio trigger shifters
  • CST 4″ fat tires on 26” rims
  • Dual Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Black Rail Velo Saddle
  • Promax Aluminum Alloy Handlebars w/ 31.8mm rise
  • Color: Black with Orange decals



We give the Rogue Wave by Fifield 100/100 for excellence in build quality, components and safety features. The Rogue Wave is a heartier bike weighing in at 55 lbs, but this is no issue when you have a charged battery. For long range trips, take your charger with you for when an opportunity to recharge presents itself at the cafe or hotel and continue your journey in 4 – 6 hours.

The safety features like the front and rear lights puts the Rogue Wave into the more safe and sound category if you ride at night and in dark conditions. Even though there is no suspension on this bike, this is no issue for those who want to grip the road with reliable tires and have the power needed to get to your destination and back. Have a look at the Quietkat Quantum here if you are looking for a bike with suspension and more downhill-type ergonomics. What do you think of the Fifield Rogue Wave? Let us know in a comment below!

Fifield Rogue Wave


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes offer better stopping power and control.
  • Bafang 750W Mid-drive Motor offers better performance than a Rear Hub for trails and mountain biking.
  • Very competitive price for the high quality parts that are packed into it.


  • No Suspension if you want to do bigger jumps.
  • Not as agile as other bikes in it's class.
  • Pedal assist only - Not for those who are looking for an E-Bike with a throttle.

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    I haven’t ridden a bike since the doctor put restrictions on me. But I know who would like this site and will tell him about it. Thanks for the great read

  2. Lee


    Hi Rowan, this is a great review, me and my dad have been checking out all of these ebikes on YouTube and on the internet and tempting to test ride one to see for ourselves. We are more into mountain biking doing cross-country trails in forests, is there an ebike you would recommend we could try out or focus our research on? Thanks, Lee.

    • Reply

      Thank you Lee! Yes it can be daunting with so many bikes and reviews, how can you find the right one?

      I would recommend Rad Power Bikes, they have locations all over Canada and the US with many great models to choose from 🙂 They have Mountain, Cruiser and Folding types too!

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

    • Reply

      In both snow and sand, the large CST tires can handle these terrains confidently with the rider having reasonable skill to adjust the power while rolling over and through these terrains.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

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