Manufacture: Green Bike USA

Model: GB Carbon Light

Type: Folding E-Bike

Price: $1275


  • Lightweight and Compact Carbon Frame
  • Travel Far and Wide
  • 350W Rear Hub Motor
  • 5 Level PAS System (Levels, Display, etc)
  • Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain
  • Electric Horn, Lights and Turn Signals
  • Reflective & Puncture Resistant Tires
  • Specs
  • Conclusion



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Lightweight and Compact Carbon Frame

For riders that want the ultimate lightweight package for transportation in and around town, have a good look at Green Bike USA’s GB Carbon Light Folding E-bike! This compact powerhouse is half the weight of a regular ebike at only 37.5lbs! So you can comfortably store the GB Carbon Light anywhere you like. The Carbon Light comes in two colors – Black and Green or Black and Orange.

The 20″ frame is made of Carbon Fiber which is incredibly lightweight and can handle heavy loads. The GB Carbon Light can haul riders up to a maximum weight of 250 lbs. Good to point here that folding bikes are great for smaller kids too, so put on your helmet mom and bring lemonade for the day Because Timmy’s gonna be having a blast riding around until the Carbon Light’s battery has completely run out of juice! Which won’t actually happen just so you know 😉

GB Carbon Light Orange

GB Carbon Light – Orange and Black


Travel Far and Wide

When folded into storage position, the bike measures only 26.78″ tall by 34.6″ long. Now that’s what I would call a small bike!
Powered by a 36V 10.5Ah Lithium Panasonic Battery, ride up to a distance of 49 miles or 78.85 kilometers on a single charge. This can take from 2 to 4 hours to juice up depending on the DoD (Depth of discharge). Want to learn more about how your E-bike batteries work? Check out our radical article “Lithium Ion vs Lead Acid Batteries” here.

GB Carbon Light Folded

Compact design for ease of transportation and storage.


350W Rear Hub Motor

Folding bikes tend to have either a 250W or a 350W Rear Hub Motor. The GB Carbon Light is equipped with the 350W for extra power when you need it most. A 250W is ideal for those who really don’t need that much assistance to get up hills though, since it is a bit lighter this makes it more suitable for road / speed bikes.

With a 350W, you get more torque and power so this is a perfect set-up for the GB Carbon Light. Reach maximum speeds of up to 20 miles or 32 kilometers per hour going on flat ground and even hold out it’s speed on slight inclines too like a low grade hill for example.

GB Carbon Light Battery

Battery removed to show size / very lightweight!


5 Level PAS System + Thumb Throttle

For user-friendliness and ease of operation, the GB Carbon Light is equipped with 5 levels of assist to choose from, 1 being the lowest and 5 providing the highest level of assistance. There is also a throttle on the Carbon Light to add to the whole experience as a helping hand to relieve you of higher inclines and especially on gym days up to 31 Kilometers per hour. Also on the Carbon light is a handy thumb throttle to take the pressure off you when too hard to pedal & cruise instead,

All of your trip’s information like speed, range, remaining battery charge, light settings and turn signals will be displayed here on an LED screen which is easy to read and tune to your preference. It is waterproof and functional in cold and hot temperatures, so you can take the Carbon Light just about everywhere except really mucky back roads and trails.

GB Carbon Light Display

LED Display – 5 Level PAS System with thumb throttle.


Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain

Sitting behind the crank is a Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain and Derailleur. These are used on hundreds of different bikes electric and regular types alike for their proven durability and function. Shiimano is the world leader in high quality yet affordable bicycle parts and gear. It’s one of the most used and recognized brands in the ebike and regular bicycle communities. Shift smoothly and securely all day long!


Electric Horn, Lights and Turn Signals

I was surprised when finding out that the GB Carbon Light is fully equipped for year round riding. So many folding bikes lack these features, if they are able to put them onto a regular size E-bike, why not do the same thing with a folding type bike? Aside from the handy USB charger for your phone and other devices, the Carbon Light is a 100% fully loaded package.

An Electric Horn announces your presence to unaware road users and pedestrians with a loud beep. Front and rear lights show off your grill & butt clearly and confidently with additional turning signals too. This is a must for me since I have had too many close calls where at night I have encountered near-accidents since we cyclists and motorcycle riders are harder to see on the road no matter who you are, so keep an eye out for each other and stay safe. Like I always say, “head on a swivel, eyes on the dime all the time!”.

GB Carbon Light Controls

Also has a USB Charging port for charging phones, and other USB chargeable devices.


Reflective & Puncture Resistant Tires

Another great safety feature for nighttime rides are the reflective tires. The wheels may only be 20″ but just a good strip of reflective material can make all the difference between being side-swiped or t-boned up the Yin Yang or not. In my reviews, I will always lean towards bikes with more safety features that enhance the whole experience and the GB Carbon Light fits the bill very well!


Specs:GB Carbon Light Black and Green

  • 350W Brushless Rear Hub Motor
  • 36V 10.4Ah Panasonic Lithium Ion battery
  • LED Multi-functional Display
  • 5 Level PAS System
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Max speed of 20 miles or 31 kilometers per hour
  • Max range of 49 miles or 78.85 kilometers
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Turning Signals
  • Brake Lights
  • Electric Horn
  • USB Charging Port
  • Reflective 20″ Tires
  • Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Weighs 37.5 lbs
  • Wider Handlebars = More control
  • Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain
  • Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Kickstand included


Final Thoughts:

This is one of the most affordable and loaded folding type of E-bikes out there. It’s compact, durable, and absolutely loaded with features that enhance safety and visibility on the road. It outclasses many regular size ebikes in the safety department where you would have to install front and rear lights or signals separately. They are not only more expensive, but don’t rock even nearly half of what the GB Carbon Light offers to the day to day rider like myself.

Green Bike has all the extra accessories that can fit onto the Carbon Light like panniers, splash guards and other desirable parts for their bikes available. Add your accessories to the cart then 123, you’re fully set for riding into the sunset! I rate the GB Carbon Light 100/100 for attention to detail, the consideration, and thoughtfulness for the customer’s safety that has been put into it by Green bike USA. Complete Pros, Cons and more observations can be found at the bottom of this review.

Do you have questions about the GB Carbon Light? Comment and leave a like below! I am here to answer and guide you to the best E-Bike experience possible 24/7. That’s how we do it here at Radical Electric Bikes!

GB Carbon Light Folding E-Bike


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Lightweight Carbon Frame.
  • Front & Rear Lights + Brake Light and Turning Signals.
  • 36V 10.4Ah Panasonic Battery.


  • A Mid-Drive Motor would have be a better option than the 350W Rear Hub Motor to match the quality of the Carbon Frame.
  • The Battery is attached to the seat post which does not allow for installation of some accessories such as mounts for adding a pannier.
  • Uses Mechanical Disc brakes, Hydraulic would have been better! Not a big deal for a folding bike though.

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    • Reply

      Hi Paul, I’m glad this review was helpful for you! I always do my best to make sure all details of each bike are concise and clear 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  1. Kedia Silveira


    Really like the bike and the review. I don’t understand much about bikes so anything that looks like it would do but recently I’ve been thinking about getting a bike with a motor so don’t have pedal all the time, but the look of this bike is so attractive that I might consider it. Thanks!

    • Reply

      Hi Kedia!

      An ebike is perfect if you don’t want to always have to pedal – This bike does not have a throttle though, if you want one with this which is what enables you to not have to pedal the bike then I would recommend having a look at the Fifield Seaside here.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  2. Reply

    Wow! I am blown away by this bike. Personally I have never heard anything about folding bikes let alone electric bikes with a charger for your phone. I was actually contemplating on getting a bike but after seeing this review I think I will be looking into electric and folding bikes.

    • Reply

      Hi Thabo!

      2020 is the year that Ebikes are going into full swing, there are so many different kinds of Ebikes now it’s truly amazing! The GB Carbon light is the most lightweight folding bike I have reviewed at only 37.5lbs.

      With all the safety features, attention to detail and quality parts, Green Bike USA really outdid themselves on this one 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  3. Reply

    This is really one cool bike for sure, I have seen some of these types of bikes cruising past my home the past few years. I was always curious about them, and now from your article, I know so much more. Maybe one day I will invest in one of these cool bikes, but for now, I am still riding the old fashion type of bike but next time I upgrade I will seriously consider this bike.

    Great Information

    • Reply

      Hi Jeff,

      I’m happy knowing you gained some knowledge from my review. E-bikes have been running around for a while now, but have been gaining more and more popularity over the last few years as prices of owning a regular vehicle goes up with gas, insurance costs, maintenance, etc. E-bikes are nearly maintenance free much like a regular bike but with electrical components added to it for assisted pedaling power to give you a boost when you need it most!

      I will be reviewing some conversion kits for regular bikes like yours so if you wanted to upgrade a bike you are already comfortable on, you can! Keep an eye out on our future posts by liking our facebook and instagram pages.

      Folding Electric Bikes are great for anyone that is on the go and needs a modular & lightweight package for fitting into a snug space like an apartment, shared room or dorm. A perfect mode of transportation for College and University students that want to get around campus quickly and in style 🙂 I highly recommend the GB Carbon Light to travelers and backpackers too for efficient transportation to reach all the best local hot spots and attractions you want to visit.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  4. Jonas


    Very interesting!
    First off, I really like your writing. It’s full of information but never gets boring and that’s great!
    I’ve recently read about Foldable bikes with electric motors and decided that I need one in the future. I would much rather take my bike if I can than drive or take the bus.
    Also, very cool that you the bike is foldable so you can take it with you inside and not risk it being stolen.

    – Jonas

    • Reply

      Hi Jonas,

      Thank you kindly my friend. I love to provide information that is not only unbiased and truly useful but also entertaining 😉 I have fun with the whole writing process, it’s what I do!

      Folding bikes are also great for when it starts raining hard. If you are intimidated about slipping or reduced visibility in these dangerous weather conditions, ride up to the nearest bus as you mentioned and fold up your GB Carbon Light to take onto the bus for a drier and warmer ride home safe and sound!

      The battery is also removable so if for some reason you had to leave your bike locked up outside, you can take the battery with you. Batteries are the #1 target component for an E-bike thief.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

    • Reply

      Hi Sheena!

      Super cool to see that my review opened you up to the world of E-bikes! It is my mission to educate people around the world about the benefits of owning an E-bike for their incredible affordability, proven durability, and freedom it can provide.

      Asides from the creature comforts that E-bikes rock very well, I see a truly green future where technologies like this will be healing instead of harming us and our beautiful Earth 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

    • Reply

      Hey Butch,

      Electric bikes have been getting more and more popular every year! They also get more efficient and powerful like new generations of iphones or other smart devices do. Some of these bikes come hooked up with a bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy rocking and rolling everywhere you please 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  5. Reply

    This seems like an amazing product and I am most impressed that it is fold-able and has turn signals for night riding! I am looking to buy a bike (my most recent bike was one I had when I was a kid) so I find it really valuable to learn about the different features to look out for and how this model performs in all of them. Thanks for the good information.

    • Reply

      Hi Carly!

      The GB Carbon Light is equipped like a motorcycle would normally be. The lights and signals are what impressed me most being a folding type of E-bike. You won’t see these features on many other larger E-bikes out there, good call by Green Bike USA!

      I am here to answer any other questions you may have in the future, reply to this comment or send a message to whenever you need a hand!

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

    • Reply

      You’re welcome! Yes the GB Carbon Light is an affordable folding Ebike that offers the lightweight Carbon frame and Panasonic cells all in one 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  6. Alex


    I bought the GB Carbon Light a few days ago and waiting for it to be shipped. I still cannot believe the price for such quality build – their company must be running on a tight profit margin, so my hats go off to them.

    In regards to the GB Carbon light, my only concern is that they didn’t add fenders like they do with all their other models. Some pictures of the purchase link show fenders and others do not. If I don’t receive fenders, it’s not a dealbreaker.

    However, this leads me my main question: aren’t fenders on an e-bike critical to protect the controllers from water, sludge, etc.? I’m hoping if they don’t come, I can some light fenders that don’t comprise the weight of the bike by too much. That’s my only concern.


    • Reply

      Hi Alex! These parts like Motor, Controller & Wiring are all protected from the elements like mud and and water. The Battery is also nicely stored inside the bike fully protected from them as well.

      However I do recommend for anyone who rides in the rain or around some mud to get a bike with fenders down the road if their bike does not come with one but then to install some later down the road as you monitor your riding habits to find out if you really need them or not.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  7. Dusty


    I have a green bike USA Carbon light and no documentation came with it. I cannot program the lcd controller that came with it, can you direct me to an online Manuel?

    • Reply

      Hi Dusty! I have reached out to Green Bike USA for the correct programming of your controller. Until I receive a reply, I will continue to look for either a video or manual to send you here in the comments 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  8. Ripsime


    Love the bike. Where can i see and test ride?
    I live in Montebello, California in USA.
    If any shops has the bike I’m be glad to go see.
    Thank you.

    • Reply

      The Carbon light is a good choice for lightweight and easy transportation. Many bike shops are in low supply with the increase in demand for electric bikes in North America. I recommend calling Green Bike USA directly. They will know where their stock is in other shops closer to your area: +1 954-725-7887

      Leave a review of your own in the comment section here when you pick up your Carbon Light! Everyone would love to hear what your experience and thoughts are which will help other riders find the best electric bike 🙂

      – Rowan @ RADICAL Electric Bikes

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