Manufacture: Go-PowerGo city folding bike

Model: Go City

Type: Folding Electric Bike

Price: $750

Rating: 80/100


  • Frame and Durability
  • Power Source and Output
  • Display and Controls
  • Modularity and Accessories
  • Bike Specs
  • Conclusion

An affordable and economical option!

Folding electric bikes are designed for those that need a bike that can be stored away in a small space. People who live in a small apartment or shared space should check out the Go-Power Go City. Many electric bikes with the same drive train and battery cost upwards of $1300, whereas the Go City runs for only $750, a very steep drop in price which raises all kinds of questions regarding it’s reliability, build and quality.


Frame and Durability

Naturally using a lightweight 16″ aluminum 6061 alloy frame for ease of folding in half while stored or when on the road, 265 lbs is the max weight capacity which makes it suitable for children and adults too. With this design it requires a smaller set of wheels to keep the size down. Riding on 20.x 2.125″ tires with a medium cut tread for all seasons unlike the usual tread that would be on these types of bikes like on the Emojo Lynx Pro.

Many folding bikes do not have a front suspension system, one feature which the Go City already has set up as standard. Plus a Shimano 6 speed derailleur for all hills and rider preferences. With all the guts and parts equipped on the Go City, it only weighs 66 lbs.

Go city folding bike folded.

Power Source & Output

What is so impressive about the folding electric bike is it’s ability to house the same power plants and motors as other electric bikes can. Equipped with a 48V 10Ah Lithium ion battery and a powerful Sandra 500W motor! Such output and then combined with the assist provides 36 miles or 57 kilometers while pedaling.

18 miles or 28 kilometers is the maximum range for using just the throttle which for some is within their commute already. There are 5 levels of PAS (Pedal Assist System) for low all the way up to high power. Plug in the battery while at work for a fully charged ride all the way back home!

The Go-City is ideal for commuting around town in wet and low light conditions too by shining it’s LED headlight so you can see properly and signal to other road users your presence. One thing I wish the Go City had was rear lights, which can be easily installed separately but is usually on most ebikes regardless of the cost / provider. For a bike this powerful you will need good disc brakes that are tuned to stop you right away. The Go City has these, other folding bikes don’t always come with them.


Go city unfolded

Display and Controls

Those familiar with the SW900 LCD display will know these are on many electric bikes and are compatible across any frame or platform. Easy to read information provides accurate feedback on all levels of pedal assist and full throttle response.

For those that work part-time or need to charge up fast, it takes only 4 hours to fully replenish it’s power so you can be on the move as much as you like! This is ideal for travelers that stay at hostels or small shared accommodations while backpacking. One day I will be taking one of these with me to Southeast Asia for the ultimate trip!

One major advantage to not forget is you can carry the bike around with you into any building or secure location. A bike even with the best lock can still be cut through at night in a shared storage, like in an apartment building. Confidently keep your convenient Go City folding bike away in your room or house. Being out of the elements also will prevent rusting and let your bike dry if it was raining that day.

Go city display

Modularity and Accessories

Many delivery companies use bicycle couriers like Uber, Skip the Dishes, and many others! Besides a good helmet, riders can equip their bike with a platform on the rear rack to then install a box or thermal bag to keep orders fresh and hot for the next drop off. Another great feature for the rain and wet conditions are the included splash guards to minimize exposure to the elements kicking up underneath the rider.

For extra security. fold the bike up in half and then lock it inside your spot. Not only is it hard to find, but even a theif will have to be careful to not damage the goods with chains and cables tangled in a way only you can unlock! A feature not many think of right away when it comes to locking a bike, thanks to it’s folding option.

Even though the Go City is great so far along the lines of reliability, theres a couple things it needs to meet my standards. This bike does not have rear lights except for on the front. Despite this flaw, another light can easily be installed on the rear. Many high end lights like the Leyzne Rechargable Rear Light and others can be found here.

Bike Specs:

  • 500W Sandra Motor (Top speed 18 miles / hour) with Emergency cutoff Lever.
  • 48V 10AH Lithium Battery.
  • Charge time of 4 hours.
  • Pedal Assist gives 36 miles of range (5 levels of assist) and 18 miles throttle only.
  • 16′ frame.
  • 20 x 2.125 Chaoyang Tires.
  • Shimano 6 speed derailleur.
  • Front and rear disc brakes.
  • Front Suspension.
  • Bike weight 66 lbs, max rider weight of 265 lbs.
  • Fully adjustable Seat.


Go city Specs

Conclusion – Perfect for new riders!

For a bike with the power and battery that will cycle you at least 1000 charges as opposed to a lead acid folding electric bike that would cost the same if not even more money, the Go-Power Go City is an amazing option for a rider looking for an entry level bike with all the features of a more expensive and efficient one.

The adjustable handle height and the many other options make this a suitable bike for children and adults that want to feel the thrill of an electric bike and can put it away in a small package. For camping, road trips, traveling and every day commuting, I highly recommend a new rider or even an experienced one looking for the next affordable and efficient option the Go-City.

Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to add your experience with the Go-Power Go City!

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