Manufacture: JetsonJetson Adventure Ebike

Model: Adventure

Type: Mountain Bike

Price: $1799


  • Simple and Robust Design
  • 9 level Pedal-Assist Only
  • 250w Motor with built in Panasonic Battery
  • A Perfect blend of Speed vs Range
  • Front and Rear Lights for Safety at Night
  • Full Disc Brake Package
  • Specs
  • Conclusion



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Simple and Robust Design

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Jetson Adventure Mountain Bike is the pleasant appearance of what seems to be a regular mountain bike we are familiar with. Unlike many other bikes we have reviewed here at Radical, the Jetson is the first we have checked out that uses a smaller motor plus a matching sized built-in battery. Equipped with front suspension for off-road capabilities and hard tail makes this a reliable cross between the trail and the streets.


9 level Pedal-Assist Only

The main concept of the Jetson is low maintenance and simple operation. The 9 level PAS system is reliable but is designed without a throttle. This guarantees the range per power level (1 – 9) will always be the same each charge. A great feature for a care free experience every time. Comes with the well-known and easy to read LCD display that shows range, speed, and pedal assist level. A USB charge port is also included to keep your devices up and running.



250w Motor with built-in Panasonic Battery

As mentioned before, this bike uses a smaller 250w motor that is hard to spot at first. It is built into the hub just like the Panasonic 36v 7.8Ah Lithium ion battery which sits in a dry-locked compartment part of the frame. For the daily commute through the rain which here in Vancouver is very well-known for, the lightweight combination of smaller components that are safe in their compartments going through puddles and pelting of the rain was a very well-thought-out design. The amount of time required to fully charge the 36v battery is 5 – 6 hours.


A Perfect blend of Speed vs Range

The 21 speed Shimano system is a proven and effective one that is easy to maintain. With the 9 levels of assist the Jetson is perfect for the long distance rider, capable of speeds up to 20 miles or 32 kms per hour. The smaller motor requires less power making it more suitable and geared towards a lightweight concept. The maximum range of the Jetson is 30 miles or 48 kilometers. Thanks to all the components being built in, the battery cannot be stolen off the frame making it more incognito and less attractive all around to the eyes of a thief.



Front and Rear Lights for Safety at Night

One of the most important features on any bike is having lights for your nighttime safety. The LED lights are powered by the built-in battery for longevity. It has happened to me before where I had a USB / AAA battery powered light which it went out before I completed my route back home. Not something you want to happen mid trip… Thankfully my front light was on, no worries here with the Jetson though! Learning from that experience, I always carry a mobile power bank which is fully charged, giving me the confidence and security to power my phone or tablet if my bike ran out of juice.


Full Disc Brake Package

Confidence in stopping power is crucial for people that like to go at high speed and intensity. The front and rear is fully set with disc brakes on top of the thick tires sitting on 27.5″ wheels. Since the Jetson is so simply made, all you need for adjustments to the brakes, seat or handlebars are basic bike tools like a wrench, Allen key, and screwdriver. Unlike a bike with hydraulic brakes, simplicity is sometimes better than the highest tech you can get your hands on since a more user-friendly option can be adapted and mastered more quickly.



  • 250w Hub Motor.
  • 36v 7.8Ah Lithium ion Panasonic Battery.
  • Max speed of 20 miles or 32 kms per hour.
  • Max range of 30 miles or 48 kilometers.
  • 9 level PAS System
  • 21 Speed Shimano Drivetrain
  • LCD Display
  • Front and rear LED lights.
  • Bike weight is 42 lbs
  • Max rider weight is 300lbs.



While most electric bikes are designed with their components like the battery on the outside, the Jetson stands apart in terms of security and ease of operation overall. It has all the same features as other bikes in its class while also offering lights on the front and rear, making a fully equipped package that is made to tackle all lifestyles and terrain during day or night.

Would you feel more secure with a bike that comes with more must-have safety features? So long as you have a USB charge port on your bike like the Jetson Adventure, this solves that problem in the event of the light running out of power since you can charge it up again. We rate the Jetson Adventure at 90/100. If only the Jetson had rear suspension in conjunction with the front, it would be a solid 100! Leave your comments and thoughts below about the Jetson Adventure Mountain Bike!

Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Built-in Battery.
  • Weighs only 42 lbs.
  • 27 gears, great entry level E-Bike.


  • Not very powerful. Made for long range / economical use.
  • No rear suspension.
  • No throttle. A Mid-drive would have been more appropriate for better performance but the hub motor keeps the price affordable.

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  1. Reply

    Hi Rowan,

    Thank you for this very informative post!

    I live in the south of England (which vies for the title of rainest place with Vancouver) and I’m looking for an ebike that can handle the transition between a city year-round cycle commute (5 miles of streets and dirty trails) and weekend countryside rides across the New Forest. I often accompany my friends on their 20-mile horse rides through river crossings, muddy boggy ground, up and down washed out areas etc. (all the things you’d expect to do on an offroad but not a downhill ride). As much as I’d love to keep my cyclocross bike for the city commute and have a separate bike for playing in the forest, I just don’t have the storage space in my small flat (apartment).

    It sounds like the Jetson Adventure mountain bike might be tailor-made for my kind of lifestyle, especially with its sealed battery and robust nature – but what about sizing? I’m short (5’2″) but my bike fitter always complains that my legs are too long and my shoulders too narrow. Consequently, we usually go up one frame size compared to most people of my height, but change the bars to a narrower riding position. This looks easy enough on the Jetson Adventure mountain bike with the external cable runs – but what about the front light? Will that make this difficult?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Reply

      Hi Lisa! The frame is 19″, which is not too large if you lowered the seat to the appropriate height. And changing the handlebars should be no issue if you want a more narrow bar instead 🙂 The sealed battery is a very good option for crossing rain country and trails. One recommendation I would have is to get a set of fenders for the Jetson to keep splash down to a minimum. I will update this comment with a link for fenders that fit the Jetson 🙂

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  2. Reply

    Hi, it looks like you are an expert in mountain bike.
    I used to bike a lot many years ago: I mean a bike with traditional pedals.
    I was surprised to see that there are mountain bikes with a motor.
    The bike you introduced seems fancy and worths the price.

    I have a question on this bike, probably more general one on the electronic MTB.
    The description says that the bike can speed up to 20 miles per hour.
    Is this speed only with the motor? What happens if I do pedal myself? Can both speeds be added to a higher speed? In other words, I want to know if 20 mph is a limiting factor.
    Also, can I change between the manual mode and the electronic mode?
    Thank you for introducing a good bike.

    • Reply

      Hi Jason! Yes you can go faster if you really pedal hard but the assist will only help you get up to the maximum PAS rate of 20 miles per hour / 32 kilometers per hour. It will be easier to achieve a higher speed when going down hill. Let me know if you need more information! ?

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  3. Teokotai


    Wow I’m impressed, I’m actually a fan of bikes whether they’re motorbikes or bicycles, I love them all, but this one, I love it. Wish you all the best on your future goals and may you prosper.

    Thank you

    • Reply

      Hi Teokota! Much like a regular bike, it is hard to tell that it’s electric from a distance since the battery is built in and the 250W motor is small enough to look like the regular cassette.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  4. victor gazal


    How does the bike do on trails?
    Can it handle a good downhill rough trail?
    How many mm of travel does the front fork have?
    If the battery runs out is it easy enough to pedal home ?
    Can you take the battery out of you need a new one?

    • Reply

      Hi Victor, this bike can handle light trails and jumps (not for extreme racing) and the battery can be replaced. Please refer to the google document to see how this works:

      You can pedal the bike just fine without the battery since it is very light, as for the travel distance I am still trying to figure that out. I would recommend searching more reviews of the Jetson to see if someone else has covered this (I am looking for this right now as well).

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

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