Kinekt Seat postManufacture: Cirrus Cycles

Model: Kinekt Seat Suspension Post

Type: Rear / Seat Suspension Upgrade

Price: $249.99 (Aluminum)
$329.99 (Carbon Fiber)



  • Review Video
  • A Small Upgrade for a Much Smoother Ride
  • Installation & Fitting
  • Vibration & Shock Absorption Technology
  • Adaptable for Heavier E-Bikes without Suspension
  • Performance on Higher Settings
  • Specs
  • Conclusion



A Small Upgrade for a Much Soother Ride

The Kinekt Suspension Seat Post by Cirrus Cycles is a high quality seat suspension system based on a parallelogram design which moves with the whole body as the rider pedals over all types of terrain, providing a better connection from the rider to the surface and with the bike as a whole. Founder Paul Barkley was inspired by the isolation concept of the Softbike ride design and built a prototype of his idea to test on the dirt roads of Uganda, bringing it back to Bellingham WA to show the bike community there and all around the states their new seat post. Yielding improved comfort and performance over long distance trails and road trips. There are two models available: Aluminum for $249.95 and a Carbon Fiber version for $329.95 offering lighter weight and less vibration while riding.

This seat post provides lots of support and shock absorption which would normally be traveling up and absorbed by the spine. This post is ideal for road riders that want extra vibration & shock support while going over bumps, uneven road & other bouncy obstructions. For mountain bike riders, adjust the seat to the lowest level for maximum cushioning to help you over rough uneven terrain and land your jumps more comfortably. This is a great addition to a hard tail mountain bike and maneuvering into patches where the feet and butt can be bucked off from all the energy that travels up into the back, shoulders and arms.


Kinekt Outisde

Pedal with comfort on the trails and bumpy roads!

Installation & Fitting

These posts can be installed on all seats and styles of bikes. Each one is made to the size of the bike’s seat post diameter which you send to Cirrus when placing your order for a proper fit. With a low setting of one going up to eight for a tighter response to going over bumps and obstacles, it is fully adjustable to each rider;’s preferences. This seat post is adaptable to E-Bikes, Road Bikes, Hybrid & Mountain, Folding and Cruisers too!

With a few Allen keys and some looks at the seat post, I loosened up the screws to slide in the seat which I had removed from my fixed gear bike’s old post. I love this seat and have had it for years so this added some familiar feeling during the test ride which made the test ride experience even smoother than I expected it to be. It was easy and had no issues at all to adjust the tension which I will cover later in the review.

It took only a few minutes to fit it all together and put into the bike with some extra space for the drop when I sit onto the bike and especially when you roll over bumps and obstructions on the road or trail, you don’t want to bottom out! There are extra springs that come with the post if you are a rider who needs more support. (the maximum weight capacity of these posts are up to 300 lbs). After some adjustments to make the angle suitable for my size it was good to go for a test ride!

Kinekt Seat Chart Specs


Vibration & Shock Absorption Technology

Using two springs parallel to each other, they move up and down with your body while riding over the terrain. On the first setting it is quite forgiving and is optimal for mountain biking. I like using a Hard tail E-Bike for carving trails like up in Whistler and this post would be an excellent upgrade for handling the roots and big bumps while going around corners and doing dives down rocky hills.

I dialed the setting up to half (5) which made it much more still and handled more like a regular seat post, but it did have a bit of give when I rolled down from the grass and onto some gravel towards the road. Usually I would stand on my legs with the pedals to absorb the shock myself but it was really nice feeling the supportive feedback of the post.

This is great for those who want to ride their road bikes but may have lower or upper back pain making it hard to ride uphills regularly. I had a couple spins around the neighborhood (not in the video) and right away I could tell it was most comfortable for sitting in an upright position improving my posture and better handling overall.


Adaptable for Heavier E-Bikes without Suspension

Many E-Bikes can weigh more than fifty to seventy pounds or more. This upgrade is great for applying to these types of bikes which even though they have fat tires much of the time to accommodate the shock and energy going into your body, it is not enough to handle all of it and you will be taking it up the tailbone which is not usually a pleasant feeling. Adding a more comfortable seat is recommended in combination with this post for a more comfortable ride on these heavier bikes. See review video @ 4:32 for how to put the post onto your new and more comfortable seat.


Kinekt is for heavier E-Bikes and Fat tire types.

A great addition for bikes with no suspension, makes a big improvement in pedaling and shock going up the back when dropping out harder.


Performance on Higher Settings

I tuned the tension of the post up to 5 to see what about a half-way difference would feel like. It was definitely more stiff that before while providing some bounce when going around the speed bumps and down off the sidewalk. I caught my weight firmly yet softly enough to not knock the wind out of me. For Mountain bike riders I recommend keeping the tension below 5 for more supportive drop on the impact of landing. Having it above this will make it feel very similar to the regular hard tail with a little bit of give but not too much unless you do some serious downhill and are crashing down like a waterfall needing more catch on the bottom of the landing.




  • Post Material: Aluminum or Carbon Fiber
  • Diameter: 25.4″ – 31.6″ available.
  • Length: 360mm to 420mm.
  • Weighs 525 gm.


  • Setback of 12mm (3.1) 25 mm (3.0).
  • Travel Range: 0 – 35 mm.
  • Primary Material: Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Bushings: Igun
  • Elastomers: Urethane



After a few spins going around the neighborhood and even on the field where it was more bumpy and had some wet & muddy patches, I felt that the Kinekt Seat Suspension post provided everything as advertised and makes me want to try it on a hard tail mountain bike and make a follow-up up review to show you how well it handles on the trail and jumps! It was comfortable, the lower levels offered great response to my pedaling over speed bumps and uneven terrain which would have felt much more rough without it.

I recommend this to riders from all styles of enjoying their two wheels whether it is in the trails or on the road in the city or doing long distance hauls. On E-bikes that weigh more than 50 lbs this will give you a much more pleasant experience in combination with the fat tires on roots and gravel when you go on and then off-road! I want to take this on a long road trip myself and see how much it can really do!

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Kinekt 2.1 Aluminum Seat Suspension Post


Build Quality


Comfort Level





  • Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Options.
  • Made to order to fit your bike!
  • Fits onto all E-Bikes. Modification of seat position and tension required.


  • Some might not like how it looks on the bike.
  • Not recommended to put onto a bike already with rear suspension.
  • A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for!

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  1. Reply

    Hey Rowan,

    Thanks for putting this great review together on the Kinekt 2.1. It looks like a must have for anyone doing a substantial amount of riding on rough terrain. Or if you have back troubles. Which I do! And I do!

    Do I need to order online from Cirrus Cycles if I am serious about buying one of these? They are based out of Bellingham, right?

    Thanks once again,


  2. Satz


    This is quite informative I have an electric bicycle which I’ve used for 3 years, and I am planning to get a road bike this year. I will get this seatpost, it really feels that this would make the ride way more comfortable and enjoyable. Quick question: Can you lock the suspension? Thanks for the detailed post…

    • Reply

      Hi Satz! The post cannot be locked out like a front fork type or rear suspension with lockout but if you tighten the setting up high enough it will be stiff like the regular post you had installed before the Kinekt type. This should feel similar and especially if you are around 150 – 160 lbs it will be very solid.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

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