Manufacture: Cirrus CyclesKinekt Suspension Stem

Model: Kinekt Suspension Stem

Type: Handlebar Suspension System

Price: $179


  • Based on the 2.1 Suspension Seatpost
  • Lightweight & Optimized for Smoother Handling
  • Three Levels of Springs
  • Strong Igus Bushings & Steel Fasteners
  • 100mm x 30 Degree Model
  • 90mm x 7 Degree Model
  • Tech Specs (All Models)
  • Conclusion



Today we are looking at the brand new Kinekt Suspension Stem – TWO of them! A big thank you to Cirrus Cycles for sending these for me to show the E-Bike community a solution for road bikes and solid frame fat tire types for a softer transition from curb to road or along bumpy & uneven terrain.

The first is the 100mm by 30 degree rise and the second is the 90mm by 7 degree rise. This stem starts at $179 USD making it a slightly higher ticket part. Which is due to it’s highly rendered design and amount of attention to simplicity and practicality


Based on the 2.1 Suspension Seatpost

Inspired by the highly successful 2.1 Seat Suspension Post makes the experience of riding over small obstacles more supported and offering less impact on the shoulders, neck and upper back. Keeping it real by not going and making a whole reinvention of the wheel was a good desicion to not only keep retail cost down, it also further builds trust with previous customers of Cirrus. Knowing that when buying this new system for their handlebars it will be familiar and won’t need a lecture to use it.

Kinekt Suspension StemKinekt Seat post

Lightweight & Optimized for Smoother Handling

Made from 6061 Aluminum this stem will fit all types of E-Bikes! I put the 100mm x 30 Degree onto my road bike and took it out with Claudia who had the 90mm x 7 Degree version. While riding over grass and transfering from curb off onto the road it felt like I had a new fork entirely. It was nice with having only 20mm of travel unlike a regular suspension which for road riding can be a bit much and cause you to lose momentum running up a hill.


Three Levels of Springs

Out of the box the stem is set up with the medium spring for the sweet spot that suits most riders from 160 – 200 lbs. I would recommend using the firm spring if you weigh more so you would see a similar visual as you ride like in the video where you can see me going off the curb. Switch out the spring for the soft spring if you weigh less than 140lbs. This should be a good spot for just enough bounce while offering enough feedback & tension. Not too much, not too little!


Strong Igus Bushings & Steel Fasteners

Keeping the main platform light with the Aluminum, the fasteners are steel plus this unit uses strong Igus Bushings, which will sustain high vibration and landings when coming down hard off a small jump for a long time if you traet you bike right. The Kinekt Suspension Stem stays tight while turning into these scenarios and doesn’t throw me off, it’s designed to retain familiarity of the rider with their bike while offering support when it is needed most.

Kinekt Suspension Stem


100mm x 30 Degree Model

I put on the 100mm x 30 degree version onto my bike while Claudia used the 90mm x 7. I sit tall on my bike & I found that the 30 degree rise was optimal for my arms to reach the bars a bit easier and not have to lean so much, compromising my posture. I felt more relaxed yet still focused on the ride.

Again I must point out how I did not feel like I had to adjust myself to the bike, but the stem adjusted to me instead! In the video you can see me riding off a curb and the stem catches my fall gracefully and with no clunk or bottoming out. The medium spring was perfect for my weight making the installation process even easier so I could get to riding even sooner.


90mm x 7 Degree Model

Claudia here! I had the 90mm x 7 degree version on her bike, which is much more slick and lower to the ground which for road and speed riders may prefer for it’s aerodynamic design and sharpness. I’ll try the 30 degree type next time!

It seemed bulky at first but as I was riding I got used to it and the look started to grow on me. I did think that the softer spring would have been better for me though since it did not bounce too much and felt a bit stiff. I’m going to try the softer spring and will comment on this post with an update 🙂


Specs (All Models)

Model Weight +/- 30g Travel Stack height Handlebar Clamp Steerer Clamp
90mm x 7deg 470g 15-20 mm 45mm 31.8 mm 1 1/8” Threadless
100mm x 30deg 500g 15-20 mm 45mm 31.8 mm 1 1/8” Threadless
105mm x 7deg 500g 15-20 mm 40mm 31.8 mm 1 1/8” Threadless
120mm x 7deg 530g 15-20 mm 40mm 31.8 mm 1 1/8” Threadless



For our road bikes, these stems were fantasic and made it feel like we had a new fork swapped in, giving us the performance of a hardtail somewhat and a smoother handing experience overall. As I researched other stems on the market I did notice this was a more expensive product for the type of gadget it is, but according to other reviews and feedback found on youtube I was excited to see this new stem’s performance myself!

I cannot say I was disappointed! This stem was true to the promise of a more enjoyable ride and with the three levels of springs to choose from, it is able to be optimized for each riders preferences and only requires some shims to adjust to fit if the handlebar is smaller. Shoutout to RAD Cycles for setting me up with the quick & friendly service! Check them out on the intersection of Broadway & Fraser in Vancouver!

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Kinekt Suspension Stem


Build Quality







  • Fits all bikes with little modification.
  • Four models to choose from.
  • Very high quality.


  • Doesn't come with shims for fitting smaller bars.
  • Not suitable for intense downhill riding.

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