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Go-Power Go City Folding Bike Review

Manufacture: Go-Power Model: Go-City Type: Folding Electric Bike Price: $750 @ ebikegeneration.com Overview: An Affordable and Economical Option Frame and Durability Power Source and Output Display and Controls Modularity and Accessories Specs Conclusion     ⚡ Affiliate Disclosure ⚡ As the Owner of Radical Electric Bikes, I enjoy finding the best deals on E-bikes and…

Go-terminator E bike

Go-Power Go Terminator Mountain Bike Review

Manufacture: Go-Power Bikes Model: Go-Terminator Type: Mountain Bike Price: $2499 @ ebikegeneration.com   Overview: Utility and Commuter Oriented Bike Battery & Drive-train Speed & Maneuverability Strong in All Environments Specs Conclusion     ⚡ Affiliate Disclosure ⚡ As the Owner of Radical Electric Bikes, I enjoy finding the best deals on E-bikes and Gear to review providing…

Glasses & Goggles

Many riders go out for the day thinking nothing of the simple things that can prevent a possible accident. A cloud of Nats or a fly in the eye can throw you off of your handlebars and onto the pavement, which could have been avoided if you were wearing eye protection. It is easy to…

Benefits of E-bikes & Motorcycles

One of the main reasons people buy an electric bike is for health and fitness, and another is ease of commuting and living costs. If you already own a bicycle, you have already experienced what it is like working up a sweat and then have to be presentable at work or look and act calm…

E-Bike & Motorcycle Maintenance

Many E bike owners love how efficient and clean their mode of transportation is, with the ease of check ups and fixes. Even though E-bikes are more efficient than a gasoline vehicle, they will require more attention than a conventional bicycle. Dirt can get in the gears, wires can be loosened or worn out over…

Road race bike helmet

E-Bike Gear & Essentials

Planning for a trip? A long run up the mountain or hitting the road will require some well thought preparation. Especially for long distance and world travelling. When in Thailand and Indonesia I kept noticing the simple things that I wish I have had ready to go! Back at home in Canada these things were…

Rain & Winter Gear

The elements are more dangerous during the rainy and cold seasons. All it takes in wet conditions are enough speed and not enough reaction time to have a full on wipe out that not only can result in injuring yourself but others as well. For example, gloves should be worn to protect your hands from…

Gloves & Grips

When barreling down the road on a cool day or going out for a cruise at night, you will notice your fingers getting nippy. Gloves not only shield your hands from the elements but also provide you a more steady and comfortable grip on your handlebars. Most bikes come with grips already installed but they…

Elojo Lynx Pro Ultra

Emojo Lynx Pro Ultra Folding E-Bike Review

Manufacture: Emojo Model: Lynx Pro Ultra Type:  Fat Tire Folding Ebike Price: $1599 @ ebikegeneration.com   Overview: All-in-one Package! Take on Any Terrain, Anytime. So it Folds, Does this affect the Performance? High Power & Efficiency Features and Extras Specs Conclusion     ⚡ Affiliate Disclosure ⚡ As the Owner of Radical Electric Bikes, I enjoy finding…

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