Manufacture: Phantom Bikes

Model: “R”

Type: 1930’s Racer

Price: $3400




  • A Blast from the Past!
  • Collectors will LOVE the Phantom “R”
  • Hand-made “Hydroform” Frame
  • 500W Mid-drive Motor
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Large Headlamp for the Dark
  • Specs
  • Conclusion


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A Blast from the Past!

A descendant of the classic 1930’s race bikes – welcome the Phantom Bikes “R” Model. Complete with a vented fairing and sloped handlebars just like the real deal! Attention to detail and aligned with traditional design, the Phantom “R” is made for the collector and conneseiurs of classic race bikes. The “R” stands apart from the selection of more common modern ebike types, catching the eye of anyone with a taste for classics and is fully loaded with today’s tech.

Packing so many classic curves and the nostalgia that goes with them, the “R” comes in either red, white or black. The bike is 100% hand-made to order. Like Phantom’s other beautiful Santa Fe Classic, it is really cool to see different models of older style motorcycles being redeveloped into electric types. We would not have the bikes we have today if it were not for the original mavericks made back in time.



Collectors will LOVE the Phantom “R”

A timeless looking bike such as the “R” comes with nostalgic smiles and waves of ecstasy. Normally a ripper like this bike is buzzing and banging it’s way down the lines but is instead silent and subtle. A classic racer typically weighed around 300lbs, whereas the “R” is a feather in comparison. Weight is the only thing about this bike that doesn’t reflect an exact image but for obvious reasons it being a pedal bike after all.

An authentic vented fairing reflects the vintage design with matching sloped handlebars that feel a little different from a normal bike for an unfamiliar rider. This which for the collector is a sweet detail that will feel like the way it did back in the day! The fact that the bike builds are on demand also adds to their original feel and look.


Hand-made “Hydroform” Frame

The “R” is made entirely by hand on demand – So a waiting period of up to 4 weeks is required to build and deliver one to your front door. The Aluminum Hydroform Frame is rustproof and made to last through rain, mud, and road debris. Rolling around on 50mm Aluminum rims with 26″ x 2.35″ Phantom balloon tires feels like riding through clouds on the road and is capable of handling muddy and wet conditions when needed to do so.


500W Mid-Drive Motor

Instead of using a hub motor, the “R” is set up with a Mid-Drive Motor. These are much more responsive to detecting the amount of pressure the rider puts down into the pedals and delivers the assist very smoothly. Backed by a powerful 48V 11.6 Amp Lithium Battery to throw you uphill and make your trip a wonderful breeze flowing like wind blowing through your hair.

Equipped alongside the high quality Mid-Drive motor is a Nexus 3-speed rear hub. Smoothness of using the assist and gearing will maximize your range up to 50 miles or 80 kilometers. For a heavier bike, this is very impressive range which is almost identical to those which are noticeably lighter like a mountain or road bike.



Thumb Throttle

The “R” has a thumb throttle for ripping up the track up to a maximum speed of 30 miles or 48 Kilometers per hour. You can monitor your speed on the Display which is mounted to the handlebars. Only using the Thumb Throttle will affect the range of your battery as would the different levels of assist. Take notes below!

When experimenting with the throttle only, bring your charger with you so in the event that you run out of charge you can roll up to an outlet inside or outside and charge up to 50% for returning home while pedaling. For those who have a shorter commute, just using the Throttle is enough being within such short distance and then charging when at work or any other destination will make every day a slick cruise around town.


Bafang Controller

Bafang makes motors, and displays too!


Large Headlamp for the Dark

The large Headlamp on the “R” provides greater visibility and announces your presence on the road to other road users and pedestrians The light is powered by the Lithium battery inside the frame. Not only does it make sense to have a good light in the dark, but the classic look of the Lamp with the old-style frame blends together perfectly on the eyes and can be fully appreciated when more examinable in daylight up close.

Turn heads at the intersections and everywhere else you go! One thing we recommend is adding a rear light for riders who get this bike so you can also be visible to road users from behind. In your order, ask for a light to be added since they are all hand made!



  • 500W Mid-drive Motor.
  • 48V 11.6 Amp Lithium Battery.
  • Maximum Speed of 30 miles or 48 kms per hour.
  • Maximum Range of 50 miles or 80 kms.
  • Speed Display.
  • 3 Speed Nexus Hub.
  • Rust Free Aluminum Hydro Form Frame
  • 1-1/8 Oversize Headset
  • Large Vented Front Fairing
  • Low Set Handlebars
  • Large Headlamp
  • Heavy Duty 12 gauge Stainless Steel Spokes
  • 50mm Aluminum Rims.
  • 26″ x 2.35″ Balloon Tires
  • Double Spring Front Fork.
  • Max Load: 300 Lbs.



For the amount of attention put into the design and mindfulness associated, the Phantom “R” is 95/100. Special order only and made the good old way unlike another spin off bike. On top of a one-year warranty behind these bikes it makes to be a more insightful and informed purchase. The only thing we would recommend going along with the “R” is a rear light for optimal visibility at night, which can be inquired upon your order. Powerful, unique and made with passion. Right on, that’s what we like to see! How many of you would like to rock some slick 30’s vibes in the sunshine? Chime in your thoughts with a comment on the Phantom “R”  below!

Phantom Bikes Type "R"


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Handmade to-order.
  • Vintage Design + Electricity 🙂
  • Hydroform Frame


  • Hard to transport due to size and weight.
  • Heavier and larger for some riders.
  • Takes time to be made for custom work, but this is not a big deal for many.

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