Manufacture: Phantom BikesPhantom Bikes Santa Fe

Model: Santa Fe Classic

Type: Cruiser

Price: $3600
(No longer available)




  • An Elegant and Beautiful Design!
  • No Rusty or Dirty Maintenance.
  • x2 Solid Panniers for Storing Goods.
  • Large Headlamp for the Late-night Cruise!
  • Samsung Battery & Solid Components.
  • Each Santa Fe Classic is Hand-made.
  • Specs.
  • Conclusion.



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An Elegant and Beautiful Design!

Electric Bikes tend to have a sweet looking modern edge combined with their incredibly smooth operation making getting from point A to point B a more enjoyable experience every day. Here we have the Phantom Bikes Santa Fe Classic, an exception in the scene of modern ebike marvels. Phantom keeps it real with a slick blueprint for a classic look, yet fully equipped with the most modern, sharp, responsive components and controls made for total user-friendliness and unforgettable memories with friends and family.


No Rusty or Dirty Maintenance.

An older style, but rocking all the goodies such as a Hydro Form Frame made of Aluminum which makes it rust proof and weather resistant than a typical bike would normally be. The Santa Fe comes with fenders as well to cover your feet and lower extremities from splash and debris on the road. Ride dry and confidently!

Feel the grip of the 26″ x 2.35″ Phantom Balloon tires and enjoy an easy ride. These are great for wet weather like we do here in Vancouver! When riding in the mud, just spray down your bike’s more exposed areas. Even debris can get into the brakes, caring for your bike in small gestures goes a long way!


Phantom Santa Fe Classic

Classic retro style – I love it!


x2 Solid Panniers for Storing Goods.

A wonderful addition to the already sweet set up on Phantom’s Santa Fe are the two rear Panniers for transporting a small amount of groceries, picnic blanket or a lunch, and the charger too! As always when bringing valuable gear out on your day make sure to take all contents out of the bag like your charger that can be stolen. Be vigilant! These Panniers can be removed if you wish.


Large Headlamp for the Late-night Cruise!

One of the best features on the Santa Fe is the huge Headlamp to stay illuminated in dark conditions! Hooked up to the Samsung Lithium battery for long-lasting and reliable light. The Santa Fe has that retro swing that will turn heads not just on the sidewalks, but at the intersections and corners amongst other hazards at night like a car that would have otherwise hit the unseen rider that has no lights. When it’s night, USE YOUR LIGHT. Now lets go over the battery details and other components!



Samsung Battery & Solid Components.

Being a heftier bike for anybody, having such a chunky frame and funky curves asks for high quality power plant being the 48V 11.6Ah Samsung Lithium Battery. Across many spin off quality bikes that are just using “no-name” types, dependability and the longevity of Samsung batteries are well documented in countless product reviews and testing.across hundreds of electronic devices and of course, Electric Bikes!

Normal cycles for Lithium batteries are up to about 2000 cycles before needing replacement. But if you were to charge your battery up to only 80%, this would nearly double the life cycle alone because imagine it as “only using what you need” for the next day or trips to come. Just a helpful tip I wanted to throw in, applies to all Lithium batteries for ebikes! Make sure to read your manual and about your particular battery to do the best possible calculations. The Santa Fe goes up to a maximum range 50 miles or 80 kilometers.

Hauling this sweet throwback is a powerful 500W Center-Drive Motor. Sporting a smooth and simple 3 speed gearing that covers all levels of cruising or inclines. A thumb throttle throws you u to 20 miles or 32 kilometers per hour forward when fully engaged and also is set with 9 levels of assist. Along a great battery is the Bafang C961 LCD Display that shows power level, battery, and tripometer.



Each Santa Fe Classic is Hand-Made.

Many electric bikes are made in China and can be of lesser quality. Not always the case, but it does happen more often than you may think. Fortunately Phantom Bikes wanted to show their care and attention to detail for their bikes and riders by making each bike by hand. This is not to be overlooked, people that care are the ones who will be the most successful and appreciated by all.

Which does mean if you want one of these babies, it is made on demand and will take up to 4 weeks to be completed and delivered. This technique is old school and awesome and isn’t around much these days. We need more bikes made like these! It creates a more trusting bond between the rider and manufacture that goes a really long way. Community = Love & Strength = Good times!


Phantom Santa Fe Classic

Transport the picnic and coleman bbq to heat up some veggies 🙂



  • 500W Center Drive Motor.
  • 48V 11.6Ah Samsung Lithium Battery.
  • Bafang C961 LCD Display.
  • Nexus 3 speed Gear Shifter
  • Max Range of 50 Miles or 80 Kilometers.
  • Max Speed of 25 miles or 40 kms per hour.
  • Large Light Headlamp.
  • Aluminum “Hydro Form” Rust-free Frame.
  • Double Springer Forks.
  • 50mm Rims with 26″ x 2.35″ Phantom Balloon Tires on 12 gauge Steel Spokes.
  • x2 Rear Pannier Bags



The Santa Fe is a treat to look at, even more sweet when rolling up the seawall or along the park path in the sunshine! It is a larger and heavier bike, those looking for a lightweight bike should check out one such as the Jetson Mountain Bike.

Collectors and classic bike lovers will appreciate the attention to detail that Phantom Bikes puts in with it being entirely made-to-order by hand. An unusual practice that does not appear online very much these days which enforces the mindfulness and passion put into this bike. I recommend this bike to riders that don’t mind more weight and want some electric snazz! What do you like about the Santa Fe by Phantom? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Phantom Bikes Santa Fe Classic


Build Quality


Safety Options


Extras & Accessory Compatibility



  • Handmade to-order.
  • Classic vibes, I love it's slick curves!
  • 500W Mid-drive Motor.


  • Hard to transport due to size and weight.
  • Heavier and larger for some riders.
  • Takes time to be made for custom work, but this is not a big deal for many.

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