Manufacture: QuietkatQuietkat Quantum

Model: Quantum

Type: Downhill Mountain Bike

Price: $6099

Rating: 100/100


  • Professional Mid-Drive Design
  • Made to last – Quality Suspension & Parts
  • 750w – 1000w Options – More Torque & Speed
  • Conquer Your Mountains!
  • Lower Maintenance, Less Hassle
  • Power vs Output: Balance is Key
  • Specs
  • Conclusion

Professional Mid-Drive Design

With rear or front hub motors, maneuverability can feel limited or weighted on the front or rear where the motor is positioned. To translate that power and weight into a more balanced design, having the motor sit with the crank and synchronized with the pedaling for a more efficient response is easier on the drive train and more effective at delivering that boost when you need it most.

The Quetkat Quantum’s motor does not use speed sensors, or cadence sensors for motor action, this motor uses a torque sensor.

This torque sensor in the motor gives a smooth on and off feeling more like a traditional bike. The torque sensor eliminates the sudden and discomforting movement (jerk / lag)  that you get from the motor turning on and off based on speed. The motor delivers power output on a parabolic curve, which is much smoother and more responsive to the power you are pressing into the system through the pedals.

Made to last – High quality Suspension & Parts

A similar frame design like the Emojo Cougar, having a more head-on take to the mountain bike style for ultimate downhill fun. 90% of downhill is rolling over loose and unpredictable terrain that can give away when rolled over on a bike. This requires a highly tuned suspension system, the Quantum has 150mm of rear and front travel for optimal adjustability.

Alongside the high-powered 750w or 1000w options, soild 4 piston hydraulic brakes gives the user a very smooth operation and experience. Close calls happen on the trails making serious braking power a necessity. For newer riders, make sure you read the details below!


750w – 1000w Options – More Torque and Speed

500 watts of power is already a lot of assistance. Moving up to the 750w – 1000w range is a lot of fun but should be approached with the awareness of the added torque and speed capabilities. With it also being a mid drive design, delivery upon pedaling is instant.

The rpm of a bike crank can range from 50 to about 100. The motor matches the revolutions per minute to such a degree that the smoothness compared to a rear or front hub motor makes mid drive types superior. For the best traction and control are the large 27.5′ x 2.8′ tires that handle all situations regardless of the season.


Conquer Your Mountains!

The efficiency of hill climbing can also be noticed when taking the Quantum out for a rip into the woods or neighborhood. It’s a no brainer that with such immediate power delivery and no extra parts to move, this makes the range even better with so much more power than a regular E bike that uses the same type of Lithium battery, but a hub type motor instead.

Power is wasted with the hub motor design. The Quantum’s mid drive system is proven & tested and more efficient all around. A recommendation to novice riders who are unsure about handling such power: A better option might be a bike like the Emojo Cougar or Wild Cat. These are hub designs, which are not as quick to deliver the power and feel more traditional when pedaling having the crank move the chain first to then engage the motor.


Lower Maintenance, Less Hassle

Electric bikes are naturally low maintenance when equipped with a Lithium battery. The development of mid drive motors was to keep in mind the objective of getting the maximum torque, speed, range, and lowest wear & tear possible on the system as a whole.

When parts can communicate harmoniously, power flows at a healthier rate making it less stressful on the entire design. Being the 2019 model, The Quietkat Quantum is packed with the newest proven and reliable components that a more seasoned rider is looking for.



Power vs Output: Balance is Key

The time to charge the Quantum’s 48V 14.5ah Panasonic Lithium battery is 4 – 5 hours. It should be recognized that a higher output motor means it draws more power than a smaller one, making the range on the Quantum a total of 25 miles or 40 kilometers. It’s top speed is also 25 miles or 40 kilometers per hour.

Even though it is less stressful on the drive train being mid-drive, it’s the output vs the voltage that matters. This should show you how the Power vs Output plays as a whole regarding any motor and battery. Being a Panasonic battery, the quality is of top tier. A lot of Lithium batteries in electric bikes are of lower quality, still better than a lead acid type any day though!



  • 750w or 1000w Ultra mid-drive motor options.
  • 48V 14.5ah Panasonic Lithium Battery
  • Digital display screen.
  • Two frame sizes – 17.5″ medium and 19″ Large.
  • 4 piston 203mm hydraulic Brakes.
  • Front and Rear 150mm Rock Shoks Suspension.
  • 27.5′ x 2.8′ Tires.
  • Wide-Range 9 speed Stainless Steel Drivetrain
  • Weight of 55 lbs
  • Max rider weight 300lbs.
  • Top speed of 25 miles or 40 kilometers per hour.
  • Range of 25 miles or 40 kilometers.


More advanced, more power and performance = more money in the end. That is what to expect when shopping for a higher quality bike or any product for that matter. You get what you pay for!

Not to say our earlier recommendations are of lower stature because they are less money, but to show a more unbiased comparison that reflects what you get when more recognized brands like Panasonic are in a bike or product like the Quietkat Quantum. Without question, the Quantum is made to last for the advanced rider and can also be adapted to spec for all other E bike enthusiasts that want more bang for their buck.

Make sure to leave any questions you have about the Quietkat Quantum in the comments below!

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