Finally, I am back with the interviews from the 2020 BC Bike Show! Even after all of what’s been going on lately, I still have footage that is so radical that I had to save it for another video! Here are markers for each interview below, since this is such a long video I wanted to provide accurate and easy navigation of the companies you are most interested to learn about.

Rad Power Bikes 2:01, Biktrix 6:43, Vintage Iron & North 49 Brands 10:41, Hill Eater Ebikes 15:51, East Van Chopcycle 25:30, Reckless Ebikes 32:49, Kineckt 39:09, Getvizy 42:15. Like this video if you enjoyed and subscribe for more Radical Ebike Reviews and Guides, plus all the 360’s and back flips from the show which will be posted very soon!

BC Bike Show Website:


Leave a comment below if you would like to learn more, or if you also attended and want to share your experience with everyone ?


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  1. Jukka


    As an environmental engineer and city planner, e-bikes are one of the most interesting pieces of technology for city planning and transportation. I believe they will transform our cities and lives more than electric cars will in the coming centuries. The infrastructure and material need just aren’t there to convert all cars to run on lithium batteries. But the bikes require a fraction of the power and they offer such a huge advantage to regular bikes.

    We got a public city bike system in my home town last year and it’s an e-bike system! People really love it as we have some pretty steep slopes in our town. Well, actually we are a city of about 100k people. Thanks for documenting the show, super interesting stuff! I wish I could’ve been there myself.

    BTW I used to be an avid bike commuter but then we moved to a top of a hill just a bit faster from work and what do you know, I’m using the car much more often even though I know it’s a bad decision in every possible way, financially, health-wise and environmentally. I definitely need to get an e-bike!

    • Reply

      That is super cool! In Vancouver, we have a bike sharing program but they are not electric. The infrastructure is already there, just needs a charging add-on which could be easily achievable with solar or magnetic tech to keep the station running. It should also be free, like a reward for making a healthy choice instead of burning fuel but with no “notes” required. A truly community minded way of thinking is what we need to be doing more often and will create a real and green future 🙂

      Make sure to check out the reviews I have already written if you are looking for an Ebike right now by clicking on the “Ebike Reviews” column on the upper left of the website navigation bar.

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

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