The average bicycle is already a target for thieves, so imagine how a nice new electric bike looks to these people. For optimal security and peace of mind, a good bike lock will provide exactly that. Even in your own neighborhood some strangers can pass by with only one intention – finding the easiest targets.

If you have a weak cord lock from the dollar store, you are really asking for it. Consider investing in real protective gear from bolt cutters, small saws and other common tools that a thief can be carrying around inconspicuously. Aside from cable locks, I will show you the locks that are proven to give you the best security for your electric bike or scooter.


Cable Lock

These locks can be wired through wheels, and adapt to different positions making them flexible and easy to lock around loose parts and ends. On the flip side, they can be very easily cut by bolt cutters. Even in a calm neighborhood, I would not recommend these locks as a primary lock. I do find these useful in combination with higher end locks to help deter a sneaky subject.

The more locks you have on your bike, the longer and more difficult it will be for the thief to gain access to you bike. Now If you are considering spending the least amount of money on a lock, you should re-evaluate your understanding of what makes a bike look vulnerable.


Cable Lock


Chain Lock

Like a cable lock, these can be wrapped or looped through loose parts or the wheel. Saw, cutter and chisel resistant provides much more protection that the average cable lock. In combination with a solid padlock and other locks like a U lock, this would be a very well protected bike.

I recommend this type of combination over the simple cable lock for the more specialized steel used in chain locks. These are ideal for motorcycles as well for their sturdiness and can be combines with a U lock specifically for locking the disc brake to the wheel or a ground anchor.


Locked up bike



These are the ideal type for any bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. A large U lock big enough to go around the frame and wheel instantly provides a much more secure fastening to the lockup bar. These are hammer and chisel resistant, least to say bolt cutter resistant too! Thanks to it’s U shape, it limits leverage and less room for the thief to operate with.

To use the locks properly, get a lock that gives just enough room to lock your bike. The less space in between the bike and the lock to the lockup bar there is, the more secure the bike will be. This is great for the motorcycle too if you get the proper profile to fit through your brake disc and wheel.




Folding Lock

A combination of the U lock with the chain lock, but with long links that usually form a square or rectangle. Sturdy links and arms connected with hardened rivets allow the lock to be shaped to the ideal position depending on the type of bike. These can then be folded up and mounted to the bike with the provided sleeve that comes with them for fast and easy storage for later use.

These are roughly the same size as a U lock, but with its flexibility it is able to wrap into a position that a U lock cannot. The internal locking space is nearly identical so you can be confident with this option. One thing to keep in mind with this type is that if attacked and the attempt to break the lock was a failure, the rivets can be damaged and affect the performance of the lock.


Abus Lock


If the attack as intense enough, the lock may not be able to be folded back properly, or fold back up at all. Don’t let this discourage you from the folding lock though. Just like any other lock, quality and security level is what counts. After doing your research and prospecting of the area that your bike will be locked in, the grade and quality of lock you require will be presented to you.


Ground Anchor

Ground Anchors are used in garages and at some buildings that have them built right into the ground. Drilled into the concrete these are ideal for your home.

A high percentage of stolen property happens at home, so having one of these in your garage will disappoint the ones that should have thought twice about attempting to steal your property.


Locked up Bicycle

A ground anchor, a common sight along the city streets.


Quality is What You Need!

All locks are made differently, so the rule applies that if you only invest in the cheapest lock out of these types, you will be likely finding yourself without your wheels on the street.

Diversify your research and check out the higher quality brands out there like Abus. I highly recommend them for their high ratings for all of their locks, whether it is a chain, folding lock or U lock. Compare these to the locks you regularly see and see for yourself.

Here at Radical electric bikes we take pride in revealing only the best locks like Abus amongst other high end locks.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding Ebike and Motorcycle locks or have any other recommendations to other readers!

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Rowan McLeod

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  1. Ken


    Good post to assist with the security of a bicycle. I have had a few of these in the past, yet have never had any issues. I do like the U-Lock for locking the bike on a car rack or to the back of the RV. I don’t worry too much in the RV parks. Its while traveling and parked in a location where it comes in handy. Thank you for the review on the variations.

    • Reply

      I highly recommend U locks to everyone. Yea if you are in a safe location then you can be a more restful. But in a shady area, multiple locks pay off greatly (from personal experience).

  2. Todd Matthews


    For someone considering getting back into biking, I’d definitely be down to buy one of these. I agree that cable locks probably aren’t the answer here, but I like the chain and u-locks. If I had to choose, I’d likely go with the u-lock since they appear stronger than just the chain locks. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Reply

      The U lock is the best option for it’s protection from leverage tools and breakers. Combining both of these locks makes a solid stance against robbers!

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

  3. Reply

    This is a good post and will definitely provide better security for anyone who has a bicycle or motorbike. I would love to buy one of these for my son’s motorcycle.

  4. Reply

    Hi Rowan,

    Good to see another site promoting security and good to see you have highlighted the ‘Deter’ factor. When we protect our property we need to Deter, Delay and ultimately deny the thief by deflecting him somewhere less protected to do his dirty work.

    Great article and thank you for sharing

    • Reply

      If the effort is made to protect what is yours, you will have a good day! The store will be operational soon and you can see the best U locks on the market!

      – Rowan @ Radical Electric Bikes

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