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Emojo WIldcat

Emojo Wildcat Review

Manufacture: Emojo Model: Wildcat Type: Off-Road Mountain Bike Price: $1454 @ ebikegeneration.com     Overview: Frame and Durability 500 Watt Motor – High Power! Tackle your Path with HUGE Tires Long Range Capabilities Built to Last Extra Features Specs Conclusion     ⚡ Affiliate Disclosure ⚡ As the Owner of Radical Electric Bikes, I enjoy…

Lights & Reflectors

For nighttime riding, the proper lights and reflectors are essential to your safety and others well-being. Since there is already a high enough percentage of riders that get hit in broad daylight, you can be assured that these lights and reflectors will give you more presence on the road and help other road users see…


Locks For Ebikes & Motorcycles.

The average bicycle is already a target for thieves, so imagine how a nice new electric bike looks to these people. For optimal security and peace of mind, a good bike lock will provide exactly that. Even in your own neighborhood some strangers can pass by with only one intention – finding the easiest targets.…

Lithium Battery Anatomy

Lithium Batteries are the most ideal type for electric vehicles. State of the art design and tested reliability has proven that having one of these powering your bike will provide you nothing short of a smile while saying “sweeeeeeet”. Exceptional power output and cycle life also make these the most efficient. Here we will zone…

Old lead acid battery

Lead Acid Battery Anatomy

Wonder how an E-bike works? These bikes are powered by banks or cells can be made of many composites and materials. Power banks have evolved from giant, super heavy units that had to be stationary due to their cumbersome nature, to compact and lightweight energy marvels. It is important to understand how your battery operates…

Trail helmet

Helmets for Ebikes

One of the most important pieces of gear for all riders is their helmet. You can be going slow or fast and have a serious wipe out. Pot holes come out of nowhere at night, so some helmets come with a flashlight. A car can knock you off your bike and hit your head on…

E bike front hub motor

Electric Bike Motors

At the end of the 19th century, the first documented electric bikes were already being made! They used the lead acid cell designed in the 1850s. As the oil industry worked its way to buying out the minds that invented these concepts, the design lost its spotlight so steam & combustion engines took over the…

3D lead acid battery

Lithium Ion vs Lead Acid Batteries

There are two primary types of batteries used in an electric bike or scooter. These are Lithium-ion, and Lead-acid. I will guide you through the pros and cons of both types as we roll down the road together.   Lead acid batteries – Old or good enough? Originally designed in the mid 1800s, Lead acid…

The Best E-bikes & Motorcycles

Just like everyone has a preferred fashion, the same goes for selecting the right bike. How far do your have to travel? Is it by road? Offroad? Everyone’s lifestyle is different, so the bike must accommodate the requirements of the rider and his or her environment. If you live in the city, a bike with…

Fun scooter bali


Welcome to your next ride! Whether you are looking for a bike to hit the trails or a motorcycle to cruise the open roads, we have a bike for you. My name is Rowan, and welcome to Radical Electric Bikes. Here you will find the best electric bikes, scooters, motorcycles, gear and apparel. As my…

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